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Bono Stellar Gives LRT Station A Makeover With Project 063

Nawwar Shukriah Ali, better known as Bono Stellar, is an artist with an architectural background. Recently, she has collaborated with Vans Malaysia to liven up your daily public transport routine, transforming the simple space to your next go-to 'Gram backdrop shot with her art installation, Project 063.

Bono takes inspiration from all forms of art, mostly Illusion Art and Kinetic art. For Project 063, the artist took on different kinds of materials, creating all sorts of movement and shadow play, thus creating depth and constant movement in her work.

The art installation was displayed on the exterior of an LRT coach train in Kelana Jaya and all over the walls, stairs and escalators of Masjid Jamek Station. Bono stated that with this installation, she wanted to create multiple different movements, as a sign of creating various possibilities. She hopes that through this, she is able to share that there are endless ways of creating and that there are no limitations.

So next time you're out and about the city, make sure you stop by to check out her installation for the 'Gram! Can't get enough of Bono Stellar? Click here to get your hands on one of her unique artworks!


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