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Cult Creative is currently bringing unique experiences (online and offline) to the creatives of Malaysia with the aim to entertain, enrich, empower and excite. 

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What Does The Cult Say?

Here's real feedback on our digital experiences, from creatives.

So happy it was a virtual event, I can join from Jakarta .

Gan Yi Qing, Visual Artist

The talk was good; great insightful sharing. Keep up the great work!

Adam Ummar, Artist

Everything was great! Looking forward to more finance-related workshops.

Diyana Hashim,
Radio Host

Love that you are creating these experiences where we get to get out of our comfort zone!

Tisa Hanifa, SFX
Makeup Artist


Cult Creative curates exclusive line-ups for the most impactful experiences for creatives. Here are just some of the backgrounds of guest speakers.

Past Speakers

Still Curious? Here are some FAQ. 

"Which experience is for me?"

Cult Creative mixers are exciting networking experiences where creatives get to meet peers, get to know them better, and build connections. 

Cult Mentorships bring creatives up close with experts that guide and mentor them on a topic, to accelerate their growth and understanding in a particular area.

Healthy dialogue can shed light on unchartered territory. For Panel Discussions, Cult Creative recruits industry leaders to keep participants well-informed and up-to-date.


Cult Creative Workshops are lead by experts who give participants hands-on experiences, counselling and coaching on a topic to further your personal growth.


"What do I need for a digital experience?"

An Internet connection, an email address and Zoom (you can download this for free).

For payment: You will need to purchase access to the event (by using a credit card or bank transfer), or alternatively you can purchase a membership that unlocks access to these experiences for the month of your membership. 

In September 2021, experiences will be available via the Cult Creative app. 

"How do I get the most out of my experience?"

We can't tell you how to have fun, but here are some tips that we've thought of so you can make the most out of your time.

1 -Be intentional

Nothing beats an in-person workshop, but virtual experiences are great opportunities to learn, grow, network, and try new things. Reflect on what you're keen to gain, and be realistic to what happens next!


2 - Take the time off

Try to block the allocated time to be fully immersed, and you can concentrate on taking notes (should it be a Workshop or Mentorship). These sessions are valuable time spent with experts, so you can get the most out of that valuable shared experience.


3 - Speak up!

If you feel trepidation in talking during a session, don't worry as we won't call on you. But you will gain so much more by asking questions and sharing your experience, because we want to see this growth in your creative life!

4 - Meet new people

Creativity thrives on collaboration. Our virtual mixers and really, all our experiences, have the potential to open doors for you. Don't be shy to make new friends and contacts, and be open to new connections.

5 - Just enjoy yourself!

Seriously, just enjoy the moment! You can even take the experience off your  desk and cast it onto your TV. Or, enjoy it from your balcony. Being virtual means it's limitless! 


FYI, experiences are free when you register as a member.