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Fashion Powerhouses ALIA B and Dhan Illiani Collaborate To Raise Cancer Awareness

This year, fashion label Alia B continues its philanthropic initiatives with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) for the fourth year with Malaysian multi-disciplinary artist Dhan Dhan Illiani, with a focus on visual and performance art.

The campaign titled, 'Sincerely, Adik' comes in lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but will also support and celebrate children - and the future they hold - in time for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and in support of Children’s Home of Hope at NCSM.

Sincerely, Adik, Dhan Illiani's artwork for this collaboration, plays on the word "adik" as an all-encompassing, nostalgic, and loving expression that we Malaysians use. The term "adik" becomes symbolic in this context, whether for a child or someone younger, in the sense that there is a "adik" in you; as there is a "adik" in everyone. It's a universal term that could apply to anyone you simply adore and cherish.

“Through their most innocent, nonsensical and unrealistic dreams, children are inspirational with their spirited bravery to express - all just by being themselves and sharing that magic with the world.” Dhan wishes for her work to speak of how children can shape a better future through this collaboration.

The butterfly and rubber bands in 'Sincerely, Adik' represent the fluidity and continuous change in children growing their wings. Dhan explained that even as adults, we are still growing and learning; discovering and realising the colours in our wings; and finding our position in society and the world.

Don't miss out this awesome collaboration, click here to get your hands on the Sincerely, Adik collection!


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