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Malaysian Artist Katun Sells 2 NFT Collections For Over RM1.6M

NFTs have been all the buzz these days, and for good reason! Local artist, Katun, successfully sold two NFT collections in a mere 24 hours; which earnings garnered over RM1.6 million. He made a name for himself in the NFT world by releasing 50 mints of his limited edition piece, “Apes Stand Strong”.

The limited edition mints were sold at 1ETH each and sold out within a span of 30 minutes - the total amassing to a whopping RM670,000. Those lucky (and quick!) enough to cop one will also be receiving a physical and numbered giclee print of the artwork; as long as it has been held for a period of two months. As the cherry on top, a special NFT version of a piece called “Inferno” will be airdropped to one lucky winner!

Additionally, Katun has also sold 776 mints of his open edition NFT “Mythical Fruits”, which also has an evolutionary side to it. When “Inferno” releases, 20% of all “Mythical Fruits” holders’ pieces will evolve into a rare edition dubbed “Garden of Bloom”.

We’re so proud of Katun’s achievements and how far he's come! All this comes from the NFT train that has been gaining a lot of traction in the creative community since early 2020.

If you’re new to the concept of NFTs (don't worry, you're not the only ones) and want to know more about it's technology, why it's great for creatives and more, Cult Creative ran a panel discussion last month on the topic where our esteemed panelists of NFT buffs shared insights on their personal experiences and tips on how to get started with NFTs.

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