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A Toolkit On Attracting The Right Creative Candidate

How To Interview Creatives Toolkit

6 Interview Tips On How To Hire Creative Candidate And Streamline Your Hiring Process

Dear HR Professionals & Company Founders...

This toolkit is for you if you are trying to hire creative talents for your team.

Whether you are looking to:

Improve to attract better creative candidates,
Streamline your hiring process,
Or have no idea where to begin

This interview toolkit is for you.

What's In It For You?

Figuring Out An Interview Style


Find out the strengths and weaknesses between having your interview virtual or in-person.

Interview Checklist


Streamline your interview process by ensure you have all your steps covered from the pre-interview to the post-interview process.

How To Give Candidates A Task


Learn how to create a task for your interviewer to ensure candidates are aligned when it comes to the creative vision.

Make Your Interviews More Inclusive


Read some of the steps you can take as having employees from different backgrounds will be the differentiating factor you need to bring to the business.

Best Questions To Ask


Find out the best questions to ask a candidate to determine if they're the right fit for your company.

Conducting Reference Checks


Learn the questions to ask your candidate's referees, to make sure candidates are actually a strong fit you think they are.

About The Authors

Why should you trust us?


Manisha Jagan (left) has run her own talent and artist management agency since 2015, with her trailblazing clientele in the music scene such as Aina Abdul, Kyoto Protocol, Q Sound, Kavin Jay and more.

Shermaine Wong (middle) has worked for over 10 years in branding, communication, and marketing with several global luxury, fashion, and beauty lifestyle clients like Cartier, H&M, Walt Disney Studios, Procter & Gamble, and Airbnb.

Lina Esa (right) has been in publishing since 2010, and the former Editor of CLEO Malaysia, working on a daily basis with writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and other creative professionals.

What Does It Cost To Start Getting The Candidates You Want?

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