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The Ultimate Creative Jobseekers Survival Guide

The guide To making your next career move and navigating  your creative career after graduation

Who Is This For?

Ready to enter the workforce as a fresh grad? Time for a change in your career?


Whether you're just starting your job search or looking for a career move, this jobseekers survival guide is for you! 

What's In It For You?

Prerfect bio

Set your sights on creative jobs that are hard to find anywhere Learn to craft a perfect bio that serves as your digital elevator pitch 

Press Kit

Market your skills and achievements with an editable press kit template

CV Template

Editable CV template made for creatives

Interview Prep

Prep for and ace your interview — and get your foot in the door of your dream company

Cover Letter

Master the art of cover letter writing and get noticed by employers

What our Jobseekers Had to Say

Bundle 2022 form

Unlock your creative potential and achieve fulfillment in your creative career

Seize your dream career today!

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