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CENDANA Returns With Art In The City 2021

Looking for more fun creative events before the year ends? You're in luck!

Since the reopening of the creative sector amidst the pandemic, Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) has brought back the third edition of Art In The City 2021 (AITC 2021) with an array of exciting programmes and activities to reactivate and rebuild the arts and culture sector while making art more accessible to the public.

Art In The City this year will be an expanded public arts programme that involves the public and private partnerships and the large arts community to inspire the public and heal the nation through these forms of art. Amongst some of the exciting programmes include Kuala Lumpur Creative Economy Forum, Panggung Rakyat, CENDANA Open Arts Classes, The Light Project, Studio C, KLWknd, Sensorii and a Symposium on the National Cultural Congress 1971-50 years on.

Open Arts Classes (OAC) features a series of visual arts, performing arts, crafts, independent music, and art history classes that are all taught by Malaysian artists. The programmes are scheduled to run from October to December this year. We are more than stoked for this event, and can’t wait to attend some programmes!

To get the latest updates, check out CENDANA's Instagram here.


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