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Make Solid Sense with Analogue Apotik

Analogue Apotik Grooming Malaysia Solid Cologne Male
Men, get your groom on and do yourselves a solid with Analogue Apotik's grooming goods.

A brand like Analogue Apotik (formally The Apothecary) is like stepping through the looking glass of the past while having the other foot in the present. Like its name, this grooming goods craftsman emulates the spirit of old apothecaries and their ancient techniques whilst adding their own contemporary twist. Try their solid colognes out for yourself (yes, they are a thing!) and you won't look at cologne the same way again.

The idea of solid colognes are still quite niche — how did this idea come about?

I was doing some research on men's grooming and I stumbled across an article from GQ USA. I thought it was an opportunity to build a product like it from our side of the world since homebrew brands in the USA were relatively small.

How do you source your materials to make your products?

A lot of research went into it as always! I realized that while the Malaysian soap craft was growing we had the opportunity to tap in the same suppliers for materials.

What do you want your consumers to feel when they use your products?

We would want them to experience quality from holding the package to opening it. Most importantly, it has to deliver its function of empowering the user.

How do you find the right balance between tradition and modernity within your brand?

While we love the story of old traditional apothecaries, everything we do is towards the future. So I guess it's to find the beauty of the past and apply function for the future.

What was one challenge your brand faced and how did you overcome it?

Well the key is to be evolving and changing; the key to it is speed.

find the beauty of the past and apply function for the future

What makes Analogue Apotik’s products unique?

We are intentional in everything we do so we put a lot of thought into our process to make sure we deliver products that make sense.

What is your ultimate goal as a brand?

We would want to be an internationally recognized brand that keeps to our roots.


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