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Get Inked With Gimmick Tattoo Studio

Being in the tattoo industry whilst in the pandemic is no easy feat. But for Gimmick Tattoo Studio, hard work pays off as the tattoo artists are spotting clients from all over the world! Below we learn about the branding, creative process, inspiration and more of Gimmick Tattoo Studio.

What is your brand's creative direction and artistic approach? Why have you decided to go down this route?

We believe that every each one of the tattoo has to be one of a kind and we respect every tattoo artists in the industry. Hence we only provide design that’s custom by us and we hold on to the principles of owning our specific style. Our mission is to express art freely in tattoo form and also to create an art piece that’s proudly owned by our clients on their skin.

Please share what has been the brand's most admirable achievement thus far!

We wouldn’t say it’s admirable achievement as the industry is on pause due to the pandemic now, but our artists manage to push further by guest spotting in a few countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. Gimmick also has expanded to a bigger space compared to two years ago and recruited more apprentices. We can’t wait for the day to see them grow stronger and ready to step into the industry!

What hardships have your brand gone through?

We are the lucky ones who didn’t get interfered with a lot of hardships but one of the difficulties now is dealing with the pandemic. We have to be more conscious on hygiene awareness as tattooing is a very high risk job. But we always do our best to provide the safest environment for our colleagues and clients.

How are your products sourced and made?

We went through a very strict process of learning in order to become a legitimate tattoo artist. It requires tons of patience, determination and thousands of practicing. Being a tattoo artist might look fun from the outside but we did sacrifice to be who we are today.

What is your brand's creative approach?

We are always open to learning new stuff and for some of us, the style might be evolved over time but we will stay with our true self no matter what.

Everything can be included in a tattoo design, doesn’t matter if it’s a thought, a philosophy or even just something that to be remembered.

How did your brand come about?

The studio was originally ran by Priscilla alone. By serendipity she and her husband who is a tattoo artist too, recruited two apprentices and decided to expand the scale of the studio. They believe that working together with a team makes each other grow stronger and better.

What was your inspiration for your brand?

It’s the culture that inspired us the most. Besides, everything can be included in a tattoo design, doesn’t matter if it’s a thought, a philosophy or even just something that to be remembered.

What are your brand creative values?

We against copying because it’s a discrimination to other artists and it lost its value as an art piece.

What advice can you share with other local business owners out there?

To be yourself and trust the process. It might be hard for starting but if there’s a will, there’s a way. Let your creativity flow and last but not least, unity of the industry helps each other to grow as a whole and able to achieve a bigger picture.

What are your goals and vision for your brand in the years to come?

We’re striving hard in order to achieve our dream- to own a proper shop lot and be able to provide spaces for both residential and individual artists who either just started their journey in the industry or who cannot afford to own a studio. The goal is to help each other and expand the industry so that tattoo can be more common and less conservative in Malaysia.


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