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Letterpress Precision with def.Good Studio

Despite being a very new letterpress and design studio, def.Good has definitely proven how skillful they are with their vibrant and delicate imprints. Below we speak to Edmund Low, the designer and letterpress printer behind def.Good studios on the charms of paper and print, setting up the studio and more.

What is your brand's creative direction and artistic approach? Why have you decided to go down this route?

We offer service in printing and brand design. We don't have a fix creative direction but in general, in term of letterpress, we embrace the century old printing technique and exploring its possibility and outcome. We do like vintage graphics and fun illustrations which is perfect for the printing technique.

What hardships have your brand gone through?

We started during the pandemic and being a niche market (revival of letterpress printing) is not easy at all. Learning to print and handle the old press take a lot of patience.

How are your products sourced and made?

Premium papers and sourced from various suppliers as letterpress requires papers of certain thickness and textures for best results.

What is your brand's creative approach?

Printing takes time from selection of paper, making the plates and then to print. Usually take 3-4 days at least depending on the complication and technique required.

How did your brand come about?

We specialize in design, letterpress printing and print as an design medium. Once you have a design you can duplicate and start playing with it, changing the colours, techniques and etc.

What was your inspiration for your brand?

Local and oversea printers such as Ladyfinger's Press, Nakamura Kappan, The Aesthetic Union, Teleport Press, The Alphabet Press (pioneer in Malaysia's letterpress), fellow local artist and designer inspire us to keep creating.

We hope to give the best to our clients and stationery lovers. Each print is made with lots of care and attention.

Letterpress design studio malaysia
Pictured: Edmund Low, Designer & Letterpress Printer

What advice can you share with other local business owners out there?

1. You can never be too ready and need to bite the bullet and start.

2. Always be cautious on cost and pricing.

3. Be ready to work 24/7 as a creative entrepreneur.

What are your brand creative values?

Attention to detail, collaborative and refinement as we hope to give the best to our clients and stationery lovers. each print is made with lots of care and attention.

What makes your brand and product unique?

Paper play pursuit - Makers of fine paper stationery and prints with old press.

Lastly, what are your goals and vision for your brand in the years to come?

We hope to be a printing studio serving the community and even hiring disable / disadvantage individuals, offering amazing printing service and producing beautiful paper products, prints and stationeries.


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