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Mossery Collaborates With Local Creatives To Get Ready For 2022 In Style

Looking to spruce up your work space and get #productive for the new year (yes, we are already thinking about 2022)? To commemorate Malaysia Day, local fan-favourite stationery brand Mossery has blessed us with two collaboration bundles from Malaysian Creatives that will make working from home a breeze and a 'Gram-worthy experience.

Through this collaboration, limited edition bundles -- Desk Mates by Crayon Plug and Ray of Light by We Are Not Lie were brought to life, with different aesthetics that appeal to any go-getter.

Image courtesy of Mossery

For the lover of all things retro and colour-blocking, Desk Mate features a thread bound planner, a 2022 planner refill, four colorful coasters, an exciting sticker pack and a creative gym zine to provide clarity in a creative’s workflow, all well packed in a similarly retro styled limited edition gift box, reminiscent of design studio, Crayon's Plug aesthetic. Inspired by the idea of “colouring outside the lines” Desk Mate hopes to bring clarity to all creative flows.

Image courtesy of Mossery

For the more abstract and whimsical, Mossery’s second collaboration with design studio, We Are Not Lie, Ray of Light encompasses two uniquely designed thread bound planners, a 2022 desk calendar alongside an undated planner refill, wrapped neatly in a limited edition gift box. The bundle revolves around patterns derived from abstract forms of light, offering a daily dose of optimism and reminder for people to not give up on hope.

We couldn’t be more proud of these collaborations and we hope to see more in the future. So what're you waiting for? Time to get 2022-ready, pre-orders are available now--head here to get your hands on these limited edition bundles now!


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