Getting Honest With Graphic Design Studio, LIE

Everything starts with a little white lie

Who says lies are bad? Here’s @wearenotlie, a graphic design studio that’s full of lies, planting Little Ideas Everywhere in the pursuit of creativity. But not to worry, there’s no deception when it comes to their great designs. This independent studio works on a diverse range of visual communication projects from their own publications, Risograph zines, and more.

How did you come up with the name LIE and how does it play into your brand story?

The name is an acronym of Little Ideas Everyday. It reminds us to constantly practice and seek for fresh approaches everyday. Not sticking with the norm or patterns, we believe there’s always room to explore in design.

Can you describe what your studio's own creative direction and aesthetic is?

We are a non-typical design studio that creates whimsical designs with personality.

As a graphic design studio, how do you reconcile your own artistic style and the client's wants?

We try not to mix them up. When it comes to personal and client’s work, the former is self-expressive and the latter is to provide solutions for a specific problem. Our own artistic style is not necessarily suitable for each and every brief.

In your own words, what do you think makes for good design?

Good design isn’t just about aesthetics or design according to our own preferences. We reckon good design should provide a solution to a problem that could make a positive impact on a business and eventually do good for society.

What has been your favourite project to work on thus far and why?

It’s really hard for us to pick one. In general, the project we enjoy most are those with like-minded clients and we work closely towards the same goal. It’s really satisfying when the outcome served its purpose and both parties were happy with it.

Top 3 things an aspiring graphic designer should consider every time they work on a visual? Communicate. (Understand the situation)

Work, and work your ass off. (Good design doesn’t come easy)

Be honest. (To clients, and to yourself)

We reckon good design should provide a solution to a problem that could make a positive impact on a business and eventually do good for society.

How do you decide what kind of projects you want to take on?

We tend to focus more on small start-ups and local businesses. Simply because we are just a small team and we enjoy working side-by-side with passionate people instead of bigger corporations.

What are LIE's plans for 2021?

To produce more products and publish a magazine. Especially after the pandemic, I feel like we should put more attention on our internal advancement rather than working on client’s projects 24/7. Hopefully we can find a balance in between real soon.

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