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Break Out Of The Box With Liana Azwa

Liana Azwa Graphic Designer Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
You could probably find Liana at your nearest skateboarding park with a coffee in her hand.

When she's not living out every girl's Tumblr aesthetic with her skateboarding skills and quirky style, Liana Azwa is busy rolling her fresh ideas out as the creative director and multidisciplinary designer at Crayonplug.

How would you describe your aesthetic and how does it lend itself to your creative works?

My aesthetic is being a hardcore Pisces stereotype — dreamy, empathetic and idealistic. That said, my creative work is often emotional and has a way of story-telling.

You’ve got your hands in several digital platforms -- how do you find the balance to avoid social media fatigue?

I don’t get tired from it per se, I get bored with recurring themes very quickly. So I use social media (Pinterest, Instagram, Behance) as a platform for me to study trends, experiment with my approach and share cute moments of my daily life. When I’m really in need of a tech-break (which happens ever so rarely), I read a book.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

In the past, I’ve fractured both my feet from jumping out the first floor of my house because I wanted to hang with my friends!

What has been your favourite project thus far?

Branding for a matcha cafe that’s opening very very soon! It’s exciting to see how visual communication is translated into functional physical spaces.

my creative work is often emotional and has a way of story-telling

Who/what are your muses and why?

People are my muses. I love Trevor Noah, Puno Puno, Casey & Candace Neistat & Emma Chamberlain. I know you would say ‘What? They have different backgrounds and aspirations!’ - That’s true and I think they also have 3 things in common. They’re all relatable, comic & candid. That’s what I want my work to reflect in the future

Lastly, please list 3 of your favourite local creative crushes that you would like to shoutout!

@unagilham @mona68k @artsbyfion


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