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The Many Faces Of Vivien Loh

Vivien Loh Makeup Artist MUA Local Malaysia Creative Kuala Lumpur
No look is too bold for the self-taught makeup artist

An iridescent alien, forest nymph, rainbow betta fish and even shoelaces — these are just some of the awe-inspiring makeup looks Vivien Loh has created with just a few beauty products at her disposal. While she doesn't intend on making this a full-time job, it's clear Vivien's passion for her art hasn't slowed down. Below, we talk to the colourful personality on her self-love journey with makeup, skincare tips and more.

When did your love for makeup begin? Was there a definitive moment that made you want to start your journey as an MUA?

Honestly? Kylie Jenner and those damn lip kits. It was my first ever expensive makeup purchase and I never stopped buying makeup ever since. Although, the lip kits were a disappointment, I have to say.

Can you describe what your makeup style and in a broader sense, your creative direction are?

Dreamy, girly but creatively constipated because I think about all the things that could go wrong instead of just trusting my creative flow.

Is there such a thing as 'wearing too much makeup’?

Yes and I enjoy wearing too much makeup.

We love how each makeup look you post is so different from the next! What is your creative process behind the designs and the concepts? Are you a planner or someone who goes with the flow?

Thank you so much, I appreciate every sweet compliment by every single person. My concepts are usually sparked by something - trends, new techniques, new makeup products, other artists’ artwork I see online. Definitely a planner, I have little to no spontaneous cells in me!

Over the years, we've seen how democratized the makeup industry has been with not just women doing makeup and the growing inclusivity. It has given people a medium to fully express who they are. In your own words, how has makeup influenced your own self-love journey towards embracing yourself?

I remember trying very hard to be un-girly in school just so that I would stand out, but it seems like I'm shining brighter when I'm focusing on who I want to be to myself. No matter how hard I try to create un-girly looks, I always just seem to stumble back into the style that makes me happiest. What can I say? I AM A FABULOUS GWORL!

What are some tips you can share with people on how to effectively apply makeup?

Actually, I also don’t know. Fool-proofing is stressful. Just be stupid with it!

What has been your most significant/memorable look so far and why?

My CrAwLiNg iN mY sKiN look (pictured above) because I thought I was definitely going to fail but then it turned out STUNNING - in my honest humble opinion [laughs].

As an online MUA, it's amazing how you constantly churn out look after look so consistently on social media. How do you avoid creative burnouts?

Don’t be afraid to replicate looks and credit your inspiration, and take breaks from social media; It can be truly exhausting.

Makeup and skincare pretty much go hand in hand to achieve that flawless finish. Can you share your two holy grail skincare and makeup products you can't live without?

Inkey List’s Polyglutamic Acid that straight up CURED my flaky nose, my foundation doesn’t crack anymore!

Fenty Beauty’s Glossbomb in Fenty Glow, smells like where I want to be in life and feels like Sunday morning.

What is one makeup trend you love and one makeup trend you can't get behind?

I really would like to give you the tea but I honestly enjoy all makeup trends because I work in advertising where creativity gets put up on a presentation slide that everyone poops on. So it makes me happy to see new trends, it tells me that people are expressing themselves, breaking boundaries and being happy.

Your guilty pleasure(s) lately?

Work: I love earning money. Maybe it’s because that’s the only thing I’ve been doing lately.

What are your ultimate goals as a creative?

My goal was to be on Fenty Beauty's PR list and I got it! I am successful. I am content.

Lastly, please list 3 of your favourite local creative crushes along with their IG handles for us to shoutout!

@raisasphotography because she's my bestie

@whataweirdvoice because he makes the best TikToks

@d8eyes because her whole self is perfection, I don’t even know how


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