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Access The Melancholic Artist In You With Balkis Burhanudin

Graphic Designer Balkis Malaysia
Much like the artist herself, Balkis' art is warm, melancholy and edgy

Balkis (also known as @melowkis online) hails from Kuantan and has quickly made a mark for herself as a graphic designer cum freelance illustrator in the big city. When she's lending her touch of magic to brands such as Nelissa Hilman and Whimsigirl, she is fawning over her pet cat, Miao on her own dedicated Instagram account.

What really gets the creative juices flowing for you?

I love emotive things, like watching movies and listening to music. I barely read books, but when I do – it really does get in the mood to create. Being emotional is the best part of the process of creating, especially when you’re happy; I draw best when I am happy.

When did you realize you wanted to draw for a living?

When I was in high school I think. I feel better about life when I’m drawing instead of studying trigonometry. No offence to mathematicians, though — math rocks, and that’s a fact.

What is a project you hold close to your heart and why?

We did our first zine, Tending to Your Miseries, with my friend Lyla, and it was the only personal project I ever finished. The zine was almost like a coming-of-age movie to me but as an adult. The concept was something that you only feel at a certain period of your life, but it still has a relatability to it.

Being emotional is the best part of the process of creating, especially when you’re happy

When was a time you felt the most challenged?

Probably when I did Nelissa Hilman’s Raya 2020 campaign! Never did that many poster series before in my life! But I had so much fun. Would do it all again.

Please list 3 of your local Creative Crushes and their IG handles!


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