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Jump Into The Whimsical World of Gan Yi Qing

Yi Qing Gan Illustrator Visual Designer Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
When Yi Qing is not illustrating for big brands, you can find her doodling in her bullet journal.

Every creative has their own signature style — and Yi Qing's (@yiqinggan) is as whimsical and magical as it can get! Whether it's with a marker or Apple Pencil, her illustrations float off the page and hug you with their warm tones like a fluffy sweater.

What is one thing about graphic designing that you’ll never get tired of?

As a designer, we get to realize our ideas into dreams. Creativity inspired me to innovate something from nothing. I’m glad through illustration, I can connect brands with the community.

What do you want people to feel when they see your work?

I want them to feel warm and whimsical because I believe we can find fun in function. I want people to try being creative too by having a habit of visual journaling because I really believe that creativity runs in everyone’s blood!

A sure-fire way one can improve their drawing skills?

I keep a visual journal and bring it everywhere I go. I started to draw things that fascinated me first, and slowly started challenging myself to draw difficult things like humans and cars, in public. It definitely helps!

I’m glad through illustration, I can connect brands with the community.

How did you develop your own signature art style?

The one quote that was instilled in me is this: “Style is our habit of drawing, and a thoughtful concept is a roadmap to a great design.” My style is inspired by my love for silk screen, watercolor painting, Chinese calligraphy, and more.

Experimenting with composition is one way for me to look for a style. Go crazy with analog, then adapt to digital! But really, never stop exploring.

When was a time you felt the most challenged and how did you overcome it?

There are days I would feel lost and think, “Am I on the right track?” But one thing I always try to remember is that the future is a bunch of nows; every little step I take will shape who I become. So whenever you feel that things don’t go right, just remember, the worst thing that happens in your life can be the best lesson too.

Lastly, please list 3 of your favourite creative crushes and their IG handles to shoutout!


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