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Sofea Sabrina | #CCIWD2022 Showcase

Sofea Sabrina, Fashion Marketing & Content Creator

When did your journey as a creative begin?

Personally, I’ve always found myself leaning towards arts at a very young age, whether it’s something I can get my hands dirty and get creative or something as simple as my outfit colour combos for the day. But professionally diving into marketing, styling and content creating was when I got my first marketing gig Eclipse; I was just 20 and the youngest in the company too!

And the way I look at it, the direction of my creative leadership is influenced by bold but cute representations. My hope is that I inspire people to be as loud as they can be and at the same time provide a space where people can relate with me. It feel like it’s mostly sunshine but let’s also dance in the rain.

What is your life ethos?

To be and to feel free when expressing! My creative journey would be dull without the freedom to express :)

What was the most significant/impactful project for you thus far?

My favourite campaign so far would have to be Pink n Proper’s most recent Body Positive campaign which received a tremendous amount of positive responses from their viewers and shoppers who enjoyed their plus-sized range! I particularly enjoy organising and planning campaigns that creates a safe space for women and their bodies.

If there's something you noticed women creatives doing, how would you advise them?

The first step is always the scariest! Hitting “post” will be the best thing you’ll ever do and you’d be surprised on how many people actually appreciate the things you do online. Quoting a good friend of mine: “If you can post thirst traps online, you can post your achievements online”.

My hope is that I inspire people to be as loud as they can be and at the same time provide a space where people can relate with me.

Please share with us who/what you are constantly inspired by.

The youth! I’m constantly in awe with how progressive and bold the Gen Zs are. I’ve worked with many of them & I’m always left so satisfied with the work we end up creating together!

What is your favourite and least favourite part of your current role?

I’m currently freelancing and on break until my next permanent gig which will be in March. My fave part would have to be having the space and freedom to take control of my own creative narrative rather than following a tight guideline. But not having jobs coming in everyday is the least favourite part. I get bored so easily and prefer being in a fast paced working environment.

Who is someone you would love to collaborate with and why?

Motherchuckers -- I have a huge crush on their creative team! I love that their brand is mostly graphic based and they nail it everytime with branding! They don’t miss.


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