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The Only Profile You’ll Ever Need To Grow Your Network In The Creative Industry

Let’s be honest: people crave connection. We recently ran a survey for our Beta app users on their main use of Cult Creative and it was no surprise that ‘networking’ came out strong on top. There is a desire for humans--especially artistic ones such as yourselves--to make meaningful connections which can go a long way in staying inspired, empowered and motivated.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Creatives are naturally introverted (not to be mistaken with shyness!) in that we like our own space to think and create, so there is a constant struggle to balance the sociable networking aspect of being an artist.

The local creative scene can also be very insular; it seems like everyone already knows everybody except for you and you don’t really know where to start in growing your network.

What if you’re a fresh graduate just starting out? Or you’re a budding creative coming from a totally different industry?

The Cult Creative Profile Is All You Need To Grow Your Network

But don't stress! What if we told you we created our very own app to solve this problem? With Cult Creative, you don’t have to care about cliques, social circles or go scouring for like-minded peers on the Internet.

Using Cult Creative allows you to connect and discover creatives all over the region from the comfort of your own home, with a tap of your finger. Join over 700 creatives in the app who are creating, inspiring and making a difference in our fast-growing community!

Belong to a thriving creative community to stay up to date with the latest creative buzz, trends and developments. Our users are also full of good advice, sharing their experiences, challenges and triumphs so you don’t feel alone in your journey.

How Do You Create A Profile On Cult Creative?

First, fill out your personal details such as your desired username, your profession and where you work if applicable--don’t worry, we have options for you to choose from if you’re not tied down to just one company.

Then, write a bio about who you are and your story--get creative with it, there are no rules! You can tell us as little or as much as you want: your hobbies, what you stand for or what keeps you up at night.

And if you want to show off your other works, you can! Our app works as a one-stop place to see all your stuff so you can link your Instagram, Behance, Pinterest and more to show even more of your wonderful work (and check out others!).

So, what are you waiting for? Get your very own Cult Creative profile now and start growing your creative network with us. We have talented graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, marketers, copywriters, content creators and more waiting to connect with you! Click the image above to take you to your local app store or scan the QR code here:


Bumped into us for the first time? Cult Creative is a digital platform and professional networking app for ambitious creative individuals to find work, network and showcase their work.

Are you creative looking for a thriving community to stay inspired and empowered? Or looking for opportunities to develop your career in the creative industry? Download our app today and get the full Cult Creative experience by clicking here. Or, discover more about our app by heading here.

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