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Integrated Copywriter (Middleweight)

Integrated Copywriter (Middleweight)

M&C Saatchi

You're not just proficient in English, you're adept to writing on your feet. In different tones of voices, for a variety of products and services. You're inquisitive, a self-starter who throngs the Net for more nuggets of info and insights. You're a team player who understands the need for a cohesive and collective spirit. You're comfortable writing in both short and long form for a variety of content, from online to offline and everything in between. You savour the brainstorms, the discussions and the constructive criticism that comes with it. You're resilient and passionate about seeing your work come to life. Lastly, you're not shy to state your opinion, as you are collaborating with your colleagues and engaging with clients.

What is expected of you

  • Copywriting of all communication and presentation materials

  • Conceptualisation and execution of concepts together with your art/design partner or team

  • Brand custodian. Understands and consistently applies all required brand guidelines and positioning.

  • Contributes to the overall company culture and team spirit.

Experience Level

✅ Mid-level ( 3 - 4 years of experience )

Education Requirement

✅ Diploma

Bachelor's Degree

Employment Type

✅ Full-time


📍 Kuala Lumpur

Salary Range

✅ RM 3,900 - RM 4,900


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