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Little Miss Sunshine, Anis Khairina, On Her Bubbly Art

Anis Khairina Local Artist Malaysia
Anis dances when she needs to get her creative juices flowing and is not afraid to journal her thoughts in short poems when she's going through a rough time.

Formerly an art teacher and choreographer, Anis Khairina is now a full-time artist and she runs both kids and adult workshops on the weekends in her studio. Believing that being quirky and messy is unique in its own way, she creates magical trinkets from accessories to bags and clay bowls.

How do you define your style? Where did the inspiration for your style come from?

Since young, I have always been a bright and imaginative kid. I also love to collect cute and weird stuff so that could be one of the inspirations of my style. In my eyes, I see the world differently and seeing those bright and pastel colors all around us just inspire me in so many ways. Since then, I have tried out things like doodling, painting to collage and the list goes on — but one thing I know is that I would love to be different from others and that is the main inspiration for coming up with my own style.

In your opinion, what were some of the best projects you worked on?

There are so many to choose from! I would say one of my favorites would be the ‘Messy Art Camp’. It was a 3 day art programme filled with artsy sessions. We also visited art galleries where participants can learn about local and international artists. Most importantly, they got the chance to be messy and we had so much crazy fun! Both the adults and kids loved it.

Another one of my favorite projects would be collaborating with Lilit Woman. We ran a Messy Clay Earrings Workshop for their collection launch last year where they got to make their own quirky earrings and bring it back home. It was really nice seeing everyone coming up with their own imagination and ideas. Personally, that was the best part to see in every workshop that I have conducted.

Trust the process and make it happen. I did all of that and I am glad to be where I am today.

What were some of the lessons you learned throughout your creative journey?

Being a freelance or full-time artist is this era, you got to be a little crazy to go the extra mile.

This means you can’t be just waiting for people to approach you but you need to put in the effort to work your butt off and achieve your dreams. I also learned to never stop believing in myself - even when no one did. Trust the process and make it happen. I did all of that and I am glad to be where I am today.

What do you hope to achieve with your work?

I hope to have my artworks/installations exhibited in the gallery one day or to have my own solo exhibition in my little studio. I would also love to collaborate with those in need and help them by learning art because I believe every child is born an artist regardless of where they are from. I wish people would feel happy, love themselves and be okay with getting a little messy whenever they view my artwork.

Who are 3 local Creative Crushes that inspire you?


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