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UI/UX Designer Jobs
in Malaysia

Prototype Designer

UI/UX designers work with clients to create designs that are easy to use, look beautiful, and feel intuitive.

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UX is the process of designing and developing a product, such as a website or app, with the user’s needs in mind. A UX designer’s job duties may include: conducting user research, creating wireframes and prototypes, and working with developers to make the designs work properly. To be a successful UX designer, you need to have strong problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to come up with creative solutions. In this digital age, UI/UX designer jobs are in high demand. 

A UI designer does the same but focuses on the visuals/aesthetics of the product rather than how it works.

Types of UI/UX jobs

If you are looking for UI/UX jobs in Malaysia, there are a few common ones you can find such as the ones below:
1. UI/UX Designer: Responsible for designing the user interface and user experience for digital products and services in order to improve the overall user experience.

2. UX Strategist: Ensuring the product is aligned with the business goals as well as the user’s needs and wants.

3. UX Researcher: A UX researcher will do their best to be familiar with a user’s needs and wants in order to create a solution to solve their problems. They will do ample research in order to fully understand the user’s requirements.

4. Information Architects: Use both art and science to develop a structure of an organization to present certain data and information. For example, they will take the technical requirements and turn them into wireframes, sitemaps, and user flow diagrams.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is UI/UX design?
UI stands for User Interface, which is the interface design of a product, including the layout of the content, the appearance of buttons and other interactive elements, and the overall aesthetic of the product. UX stands for User Experience and refers to a user’s experiences while using the product. This includes considering factors such as ease of use, efficiency, and overall satisfaction with the product.

2. What does a UI/UX designer do?
UI/UX designers work to create products that are both visually appealing and easy to use, with the goal of improving the overall user experience. UI/UX design involves a combination of research, visual design, and technical skills. UI/UX designers may work closely with developers, researchers, and other stakeholders to create wireframes, prototypes, and final designs. They may also conduct user testing to gather feedback and iterate on their designs.

3. Do UI/UX designers code?
No, most UI or UX designs don’t code. They work with web developers or programmers who know how to code.

4. What is UI/UX design all about?
A good UI/UX makes a whole lot of difference in how a user feels while interacting with or viewing the product. It’s also to ensure the user enjoys using the product. If the user enjoys your product, then it’ll bring more revenue to the business.


5. Is UI/UX still in demand?
Yes, UI/UX will always be in demand, at least in the foreseeable future, as there are new products being created every single day. Not only that, but old products always need a good refresher too. On top of that, the competitiveness of the overall business landscape is getting more competitive, as more businesses are going online.

6. How do I get into UI/UX with no experience?
For starters, you could get a diploma or degree in graphic design or multimedia. Alternatively, you may take up several online courses as well. Consider creating a portfolio with sample work to show your potential clients or employers.

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