As creatives, it can be hard to navigate the 'Money Conversation'  when you have to balance that line between not losing your potential clients and possibly underselling yourselves. But what is this elusive line that counts as "too expensive" or "too cheap"? Time and time again, this burning question on how to charge your creative services has yet to be fully answered. Is it value-based pricing? Hourly rates? Should you go for packaged-based or fixed costs? In January 2021, we think it's high time we put this uncertainty to rest.

In saying that, we are hosting a panel discussion on how to price creativity and change how creatives are bought and sold. In this panel, we have Zulamran Hilmi from 33.3 Studio, Hugh Koh of Pestle & Mortar Clothing and Ion Furjanic from WE ARE KIX to lend their unique insights so that our network of aspiring creatives are able to have a holistic discussion from one spectrum of the client-seller relationship to the other.

By the end of this panel discussion, you will gain:


An understanding on how you can value creative work and what    clients take into account  

Insight into the process of putting a price tag on your creativity and where to start

Insider know-how tips on how to justify your value and pricing to a potential client

Guides on how you as a creative can better sell yourselves and your work

Notes on how to increase the perceived value of your works

Basic baselines on what counts as “healthy margins” to cultivate


Join us on 27th January 2021, Wednesday at 5:30PM MYT to finally put those questions and doubts to rest. This event is FREE for members and RM35 for non-members. Never worry about underselling yourself again and take pride in the value of your creative works! At Cult Creative, we stand by our slogan to pay creatives and pay them right. 


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Pricing Creativity Panel Discussion