Should you give up, or should you just keep chasing payments?


As creatives, we're pretty sure we all have that one (or two!) client nightmare experiences that keep us up at night every now and then. It's a tightrope to walk — managing expectations (and hopefully get paid!) while also running the biz and giving your best creative work. In times like these, we wonder if we’re actually dealing with our clients the right way, and vice versa.


With that, we are hosting a panel discussion on mastering the art of client management. In this panel, we have specially curated a line of creative badasses: Ying Nee Ooi-Bowles from @commaspr, Razlan Yusof of @creativematchstudio and Nicholas Hon from @urbanweapons to give us their thoughts on how to own the client experience in these unusual times.  


In this panel, we will be covering: 


✅ Methods to build a loyal client base (and what tactics win them over!)

✅ Insider tips on staying profesh with difficult clients, and when to say bye-bye to potentially toxic ones…

✅ Owning your expertise and payment terms so you know how to manage expectations

✅ Strategies on how to deal with sticky and/or #awkward situations when things go south

✅ How to set clear boundaries, manage timelines and the team during turbulent times 

✅How to keep the professional relationship on track 


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Managing Client Expectations Panel Discussion