Did you know that ideas themselves aren’t protected? As creatives, one of the biggest fears we have is seeing our works get ripped off, stolen or uncredited after slogging at it for weeks (or months!). But there is a permanent solution to this: locking down your IP Rights. 


We understand legal jargon can sometimes be very technical to understand — which is why Karen Abraham, Legal Specialist and Head of Intellectual Property at Shearn Delamore & Co, will be your mentor on January 21 to walk you through the dos and dont’s of securing your brand and creative works. By the end of it, you will gain: 


✅ A clearer understanding of what makes up your IP Assets 

✅ A killer IP Strategy 

✅ A one-stop checklist on what to look out for in conceiving a brand or creative venture 

✅ A step-by-step guide on how to secure your brand 

✅ Real world knowledge of what works count as violations from real case studies 

✅ Go-to solutions for what to do and where to go when your work is violated 


Let’s not forget that art is an expertise and a profession and is just as valuable as assets as any other business profession out there. Safeguard your creativity now by signing up! 


Do note that upon purchase, you will receive an e-ticket that is proof of purchase, and you can email us at hello@cultcreative.asia if you have any queries. 


P/S: Purchase this one-off workshop for RM35 only, or become a paid member of Cult Creative (from RM40) to receive a month's worth of experiences (Mentorship, Workshop, Panel Discussion) and access to our member's area -- as well as some member-exclusive freebies as well. If you head here to purchase, you'll unlock your membership. 

Know Your IP Rights With Karen Abraham, Legal Specialist

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