Tired of pulling those all-nighters and last minute breakdowns (we’ve all been there...)?


Want to take on more work to get where you want to be but can’t seem to find the balance?  


It’s a lot, we know which is why we’re here to help you master this tricky art called time management. In our Productivity Workshop, guest speaker Ashley from @therealplanner (in collaboration with Supparetreat) will guide you out of the jumbled noise — firstly by understanding what your tendency is (rebels, you really don’t like doing something when people ask you to, don’t you?), tracking your mental energy, how to find your creative peak time and effective systems to prioritise tasks.


Psst, we also have really neat secret prizes you can win at the end of the session (to get you on your way to your productivity goals ~*), and by joining, you will also get exclusive promo access to upcoming Supparetreat workshops.


Do note that upon purchase, you will receive an e-ticket that will require you to instantly register yourself and your email for the Workshop. Please do so before the Workshop date, and email us at hello@cultcreative.asia if you had any queries. 


P/S: Purchase this one-off workshop for RM35 only, or become a paid member of Cult Creative (from RM40) to receive a month's worth of experiences (this Workshop, one Mentorship, one Panel Discussion) and access to our member's area -- as well as some member-exclusive freebies as well. If you head here to purchase, you'll unlock your membership. 

Productivity Workshop With Ashley @TheRealPlanner