Authentic connections are important now more than ever in this New Normal (and we’re not just talking about your wi-fi!). Creativity is collaboration happening in real-time and your next big idea could be in the precipice, just waiting for the right kind of push or like-minded peers to come together and make it happen. 

Kickstarting our month of May is Emelia Tan, Manager of Business Development at Scalable, who will lead our workshop on how we can collectively create a collaborative culture. The workshop will cover:


✅ Ways to enhance creativity and collaboration across teams IRL and URL
✅ Creative work space design for effective collab success 
✅ Tools and productivity apps to encourage connections and creative colluding 
✅ How to foster the right mindset and focus on relationships when working together with freelancers
✅ Downloadables to take away and reuse for your next big project


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Cultivating Connections Workshop: Creating A Collaborative Culture