Time to hit that career sweet spot 💥 Creative marketing is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand jobs in 2021, so how do you make sure you’re a part of that equation (and stay there)? 

To answer that, we have curated a lineup of panelists who know that equation inside out: Vivian Loh, co-founder of Mossery who has an eye for picking the right people for her world-class brand; Mei Y. Lee, who is responsible for content on Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing at Nestlé across 20 over countries; and lastly, employment extraordinaire Tyler Chin of Transform Cultures who helps individuals reach new career heights. 

By the end of this panel discussion, you will gain: 

✅ Insight into what employers actually want to see during the hiring process (and what they don’t like!) 
✅ Insider info into what particular skill sets stand out to recruiters no matter the role
✅ Knowledge of how one can build a prescience beyond their CV and/or portfolio 
✅ Notes on how to leverage the importance of networking and connecting from the very start 
✅ An understanding of what to expect when working in start-ups vs corporations 
✅ Know-how tips on how creative professionals can be


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Career Hacks Panel Discussion: Jumpstart Your Creative Career