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Promotion & Marketing Domestic Repertoire Intern

Promotion & Marketing Domestic Repertoire Intern

What is expected of you

  • Video Editing

  • Photo Editing

  • Videographing

  • Graphic designer

  • Master in Video Editing

  • To support the content creator on the production part (video editing/photo editing)

  • To be able to source for content to be developed to more personalized/viral content

  • To capture content for on-ground events to produce highlight/BTS videos as content for artist

  • To be able to produce complete content from scratch (developing idea, to executing the production part of it)

  • To work with social media manager to come up with content visual and videos required for content calendar

  • To be able to spot social trends and quickly come up with content to ride on the hype for socials (even if it means out of working hours)

  • To develop some artist assets that we required or need to localize

Experience Level

✅ Internship

Education Requirement

✅ Bachelor's Degree

✅ Diploma

Employment Type

✅ Internship


📍 Petaling Jaya

Salary Range

> RM500


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