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Senior Digital Designer

Senior Digital Designer

In this role, you will work in both a team setting or individually to conceptualise and create digital assets for platforms such as websites, ads, emails, social media, interactive displays and any other platform we venture into. You will be responsible for managing resources to ensure that the assets are delivered on time, in the best possible quality, meet our brand requirements and are aligned with an agreed-upon creative direction. We are looking for someone who is progressive, breathes creativity and has the capacity to lead a team and bring out the best in them. You need to have an understanding of digital platforms and creative workflows.


  • Create, manage, and produce digital design solutions for (but not limited to) social media, websites, product graphics, email templates, graphics, brand campaigns, and photography

  • To interpret the team’s concepts into a design for an effective user experience

  • Collaborate with the rest of the team to execute a project from conceptualization to completion

  • Set standards for the quality of creative deliverables while maintaining excellent communication with the team

  • Lead a team of designers through creative direction

  • Guide/mentor and oversee the work of junior designers

  • Improve/Develop systems and workflows for collaborative efficiency

  • Archiving completed projects according to given standards

  • Manage and work across multiple projects to reach assigned deadlines

  • Brainstorming and pitching creative solutions/ideas

  • Problem-solve and offer solutions related to digital visuals/content

  • Keep up to date with the ever-shifting social media landscape & digital mediums

  • Maintain the organisation’s equipment, ensuring that the equipment stays in reliable condition; this position is also responsible for researching and suggesting upgrades/purchases when needed

  • Any other responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time

Experience Level

✅ > 5 years of experience

Education Level



✅ Master

Employment Type

✅ Full-time


📍 Subang Jaya

📍Hybrid WFH & Office

Salary Range

> RM 5,000


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