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Fresh Grads, Here's The Complete Guide To Starting The Dream Creative Career That You Deserve

The creative industry is ripe with career opportunities — from artistry to design, marketing, and advertising. As the economy is digitised, creative careers are rapidly growing.

There are a lot of opportunities in the market, but what to do? Where to start? We have asked our creative community for some tips and sage advice to help you land that first gig and launch your creative career.

Hone your niche/package of creative skills

Other than the technical skills of an arts degree, creative graduates are also equipped with soft skills such as problem-solving, project management, and the ability to cross-collaborate. Focus on skills you may not have learned in University, which are thinking on your feet and being able to think outside of the box on the job.

Think about the direction of your career. What do you love doing? What do you want to explore? Once you have worked that out, get some hands-on experience and get good at it — practice, practice, and practice!

Build a creative portfolio for yourself

A portfolio is a good way to demonstrate your capability. In your portfolio, include some of your best work and show your skills.

Think of a portfolio as your future employer’s first impression of you. There are many different ways to present your portfolio — a blog, an interactive website, or simply a deck. Choose what kind of presentation works best for you.

More often than not, a portfolio is a required criteria in applying to a creative role. It is most commonly used in creative fields such as design, photography, web design, writing, and more. For certain jobs such as graphic design or web design, a portfolio holds more weight than a resume.

Work with other creatives

Networking is a vital way to get your name out in the creative world. Start by connecting with people in the industry on social media or LinkedIn. Take part in a professional creative community and commit time to participating regularly.

Connecting with other creatives will help you stay on top of industry trends as well as potentially provide job opportunities. Establish an authentic and meaningful connection with people in your industry and build a reputation, and good work will come.


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