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How To Use: Cult Creative's Profile Feature

So you've downloaded our app, great! What's next? We have a several key features in it that we just can't wait for you to try out. But first thing's first: your profile. Here's your step-by-step guide to setting up and creating a Cult Creative profile in our app.

Head to your profile by clicking the human icon on the most left at the bottom of the menu bar. Then click the Gear icon on the top left corner to go into your Profile Settings.

First are your display images, here are some little tips you can try out:

  1. Select your profile display picture—we recommend a hi-res headshot or, you can go creative and put up an illustration of yourself or even your own NFT art if you're an NFT artist!

  2. Choose a cover photo for your banner image. This could be anything from a scenic shot you photographed to vector art you designed. Most importantly, it should reflect your personality.

Then you will get to the next part of your profile-building.

Your Personal Profile Details

  1. Click 'My Profile 📁' to enter your profile details.

  2. Choose a username that other creatives will use to discover, connect and engage with you.

  3. Choose a name—this name will be displayed for everyone in the Cult Creative app to see.

  4. Enter your desired email address to register your account.

  5. Write an impactful bio so others can get to know you more. This can be what you do, your creative journey thus far, strengths and skills, values and more. You have a maximum of 355 characters so make them count!

  6. Click 'Save'.

Your Career Details

Next, you will head into the career section of your profile under 'My Career Deets 💻'. Here's what to do:

  1. Enter your job title/profession. We recommend that you are clear with your job role so other creatives and hiring employers can see what it is that you do.

  2. Select the relevant employment type from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter the company you work for (if applicable) and select from the drop-down menu if they are already on the app. If not, entering their company name will create a new entry.

  4. Click 'Save'.

Your Links and URLs

In the Cult Creative app, you are also able to include linkages, documents and URLs to your profile. To include links, head to 'My Links 🔗' and select 'Connect Your Links'.

  1. The first section is Portfolio Links.

- We have included multiple platforms you can connect your account with to show off even more of your creative works. Simply select your desired platform from the drop-down menu and include your username, then click done.

- You can add as many portfolio links to your profile as you'd like, but we recommend that you are intentional in what links you include to avoid clutter or confusion.

- Click 'Remove' to remove portfolio links at any time.

2. The next section is Website.

- Click 'Enter URL' and copy and paste a website address from your browser, and click done.

- This is an option if you wish to showcase your works outside of social media platforms such as your own website, your business etc.

- Click 'Remove' to remove URLs at any time.

3. The final section is Resumé.

- If you are a jobseeker or someone open to work/collaboration, you have the option to include a document of your CV.

- Media format supported include JPG, PDF and PNG.

- Click 'Add Document' and select from your Saved Files. You will be asked for Cult Creative to be granted permission to your Files.

- Add a Resumé title for your ease of reference.

- Please note that your CV will not be made visible on your profile and will only be seen by employers holding business accounts.

- You can also include a PDF of your portfolio instead if more relevant.

- Click 'Save' on the top right to see your live changes.

And you're all set with your profile! Now you have the coolest creative profile out there, time to start discovering other creatives on the app and grow your network! You can also share what you're working on or what inspired you lately on our Feed page, and search other creatives in our "Discover' page by simply searching names, professions and skills. We can't wait to connect with you more there!

Haven't downloaded our app yet but want to get in on the action right away? Click the image below to take you to your local app store or scan the QR code. Don't forget to tell your friends about the Cult Creative app so they can get in on the fun too!


Bumped into us for the first time? Cult Creative is a digital platform and professional networking app for ambitious creative individuals to find work, network and showcase their work.

Are you creative looking for a thriving community to stay inspired and empowered? Or looking for opportunities to develop your career in the creative industry? Download our app today and get the full Cult Creative experience by clicking here. Or, discover more about our app by heading here.


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