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Creatives, Want To Be Taken Seriously? Become A Creative Professional—Here's How

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The bitter reality can be a tough pill to swallow. Creatives put a lot of time, effort and painstaking labour into their craft but they don’t often get the royal artist treatment. Think about how many times have you had to justify your occupation to your family or friends when they ask if what you do is *really* a job? Or being called “too expensive” for your services simply because they wanted it for free instead?

Creatives put up with a lot, from having to defend their rates to making ends meet simply because most clients prefer “cheap and fast” leading to many creatives often underselling their services to get the job.

We say, enough of that. Our hot take? Creatives deserve respect and credibility for their work. Yes, not exactly groundbreaking or revolutionary in its thought but with 43% of graduates feeling like they are being underemployed for the work they are doing, it is a rising issue.

You deserve to be treated like a professional. Don’t just stop at being creative; become a creative professional so you can cast all those doubts away and show clients you mean proper business (and worth that paycheck).

Cult Creative Is The First Step To Becoming A Creative Professional In The Workplace

Personal branding is extremely important for a creative looking to make it in the industry either on their own as a solopreneur, freelancer or long-term at a company. It’s vital to have your processes laid out clearly, what your services are, key strengths and skills as well as what you charge so there’s no room for any funny business (of course, we always encourage negotiation with your clients when appropriate).

So how can you start to create a strong personal brand for yourself and your services? Enter Cult Creative: a professional networking app for creatives. With our app, you’re able to showcase who you are and what you do through our key features such as our profile and portfolio to start building your professional and personal brand.

The best part? It’s all completely FREE!

How Do You Become More Professional With Cult Creative?

Here are some ways you can use our app to inject professionalism into your personal brand:

  1. Choose a clear job title or profession for what you do

  2. In your bio, describe your background as a creative, what your key values are, your employment type (eg. freelancer, full-time) and your top strengths/skills.

  3. Open to collaboration and work? Include that in too and state what your rates are.

  4. Elaborate on the processes behind your creative projects in your portfolio section so others can really understand how your skills work in action. This also allows you to add value to the services you provide and why potential clients should come to you for work.

  5. Use your Cult Creative profile to engage with other creatives and brands on our app to grow your network.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step towards becoming a creative professional today in our app! Click the image above to take you to your local app store or scan the QR code here:


Hi, bumped into us for the first time? Cult Creative is a digital platform and professional networking app for ambitious creative individuals to easily find work, network and showcase their amazing work. We aim to disrupt how the world hires and how creatives find work.

Are you creative looking for a thriving community to stay inspired and empowered? Or looking for opportunities to develop your career in the creative industry? Download our app today and get the full Cult Creative experience by clicking here. Or, discover more about our app by heading here.


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