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Besides Salaries, Here Are 6 Other Things That Creative Employees Value

Massages and yoga. Free-flow artisanal coffee. Mental health support. No official work hours. Companies are skipping the basic benefit package — like, you know, medical insurance, dental incentives — and pulling out all the stops to revamp their benefit package and increase employee retention, from the practical perks (like paid parental leave) to the crazy fun ones (like at-work massage).

Nearly half millennials think pay and benefits are most important to increase their overall engagement and satisfaction in a company. Additionally, 30% millennials desire their workplace to be more fun. The message definitely got through to many employers, which are now looking to offer pretty awesome perks to attract the best talent onboard.

We've run our own surveys and the answer is overwhelmingly obvious:

Think your company (and employees) can benefit from a cool benefit package? To help you get started, we’ve come up with some of the coolest perks that your employees will love.

Balance -- Which Includes Flexible Hours And Flexible Working Arrangements

Flexibility — as you’ve probably guessed — is the greatest perk. At Netflix’s headquarters in California, vacation days and working hours are not tracked. The Netflix CEO Reed Hastings believes what matters is what his employees achieve, not how many hours they clock.

Flexible working hours allow your employees to choose when to work. It helps them to perform better at work. And perhaps, best of all, it supports a better work-life balance.

Working from wherever

Do we really need to be together, in an office, to do our work? Well, we think the pandemic has given us an answer.

Some of us may work better in the office. Some of us may be more productive in the comfort of our homes. And of course, each have their advantages for different types of work or different outcomes. For example, collaborative talks, brainstorms or settling details are best done in person but working in an office can break your "flow" or concentration. Being productive is probably best in a remote setting, when you don't have someone coming by your desk every other minute to ask a question.

For many of us, we work the best when we have the freedom to choose where to work, wherever that may be. Giving your employee the option to work where they work the best means happier and more productive employees.

Mental health support

Medical insurance? You must have had this. Dental incentive? You probably have this too. What about mental health support? Mental health benefits are just as important as physical health benefits.

Your employees are not functioning at their best if they are struggling with mental health issues and getting those resolved gives you a more productive and effective workforce. Invest in an assistance program that provides a counselling service or informational services to lend a hand.

Learning and development programs, and on-site perks

Who wouldn’t want more productive and effective employees right? Providing learning and development programs allow your employees to grow in their career and expand their horizon. This is only possible when you provide your employees with the right resources that enable them to improve their knowledge.

Shopee’s work perks include having occasional free massages. Yes, a massage therapist who will break up your muscle knots, decompress muscle tissue and release tension during a long day at work. We cannot imagine a better employee-retention magnet than this!

Food and beverages

Traveloka offers a tasty work perk — free office lunches. The employees also benefit from a fully-stocked pantry, a coffee machine, and a soft-serve ice cream machine.

Not convinced how a corporate lunch catering is worth the 💰💰💰? Offering free lunches encourage your employees to sit together and get to know one another. In addition, they are likely to experience a boost in productivity.

Parental perks

Being a parent is a happy moment for anyone. However, it can be a chaotic, if not stressful, situation when your employees have work duties.

Other than the standard maternity leave, one of the most valuable perks you can offer is paid paternity leave. Understanding that life goes above work and allowing your employees to balance both work and personal responsibilities build more loyalty and respect.


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