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How Creatives Can Avoid Burnouts and Surround Themselves With Inspiration

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Just because we’re called creatives doesn’t mean creativity comes naturally to us all the time–your boss surely would love it if that were the case but in reality, it’s a process, a journey. It takes an entire village to go from one figment of an idea to a fully-fleshed out final product. But what happens when you’re being asked to think of not just one, or two but multiple ideas in one day? We’re getting exhausted just thinking about it.

We’re not making this up either (unfortunately). According to a report by Better Up, 61% of employees express they’re expected to come up with creative ideas or innovate strategies at work. But, only 30% of employees say they’re actually given time to think or discuss new ideas properly.

Therefore, many creatives suffer from burnout and slumps due to the high demanding environment of the workplace. Not to mention, the financial pressure to create as much as they can for their livelihood, and the list goes on.

In our interviews with many creatives and brands over the past year, we’ve come across one common denominator amongst everyone–their number 1 source of inspiration comes from people and those around them.

So if you're feeling the burnouts creeping in (or are already going through slumps), need some advice on a project or just rant about a problem keeping you up at night, being part of a community can do amazing things to break through those boundaries.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Inspiration From Cult Creative’s Growing Community

We believe that it’s important for creatives to be in an ecosystem that encourages meaningful conversations, inspiring stories and constructive feedback to spark that lightbulb moment. Belonging to a community can help you achieve all of these and is an absolute game changer when it comes to being inspired and empowered by your fellow creatives!

At Cult Creative, we have a thriving community made up of hundreds of creatives from all over the region with unique stories and journeys of their own. We’re more than just social media; we’re here to spark conversations that matter. Forget 140 characters, like counts and followers. Here, we’re all about sharing milestones, upcoming projects, giving advice and tips and so much more to build a strong creative community for the future.

Get inspiration on the go wherever you are. The best part? It’s all completely FREE!

How Can You Be A Part Of Cult Creative’s Community?

Here are some simple steps to be part of the coolest creative space around:

  1. Download 'Cult Creative' in your local app store and start creating your own profile.

  2. Head to our feed page and click on ‘What are you working on?’ to start sharing. Be intentional!

  3. Engage with posts from your fellow creatives by liking, commenting or resharing their posts with your own thoughts and encouragements.

  4. Update the feed regularly with what you’re up to with your projects, WIPs, exciting news, what you’ve been inspired by recently and more–the options are endless.

  5. Invite your friends to join and grow the creative community together!

So, what are you waiting for? Belong to Cult Creative’s community and get your daily dose of inspiration whenever wherever! Click the image above to take you to your local app store or scan the QR code here:


Bumped into us for the first time? Cult Creative is a digital platform and professional networking app for ambitious creative individuals to find work, network and showcase their work.

Are you creative looking for a thriving community to stay inspired and empowered? Or looking for opportunities to develop your career in the creative industry? Download our app today and get the full Cult Creative experience by clicking here. Or, discover more about our app by heading here.


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