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Unfortunately, Creative Slumps Are Part Of The Journey. Here's How You Easily Overcome Them.

As a creative, it’s in our job title — coming up with exciting ideas, letting our imagination run wild, and being creative. However, there are days where we find ourselves succumbing to the daily grind of the job, which eventually becomes a snooze. Our creative well runs dry. We lose steam.

Psstt… We’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re not alone, feeling tired and uninspired happens to all of us. Churning out new ideas every single day is hard work and staying motivated is even harder. Sometimes, we find ourselves feeling detached and unmotivated.

But, the good news is that there are ways to climb your way out of a creative rut. We’ve asked our creative community to share how they find inspiration when they go through the dreaded dry spell and compiled them here. Just so you feel less alone, as you get back on track.

Identify what’s blocking your creativity

When you find yourself in a creative rut, the first step towards getting out is focusing on what is holding you back. You will find that getting out of a creative rut is surprisingly easy to do — with just a little work — once you understand what and how you get trapped in one in the first place.

Step back and assess what is specifically causing you to feel stuck. Do you find your day-to-day tasks to be repetitive? Or, are you tired of the long commute to work? Or, do you find it hard to focus because your work set-up is uncomfortable? It’s important to be honest with yourself here. Take a pen and write down every last thing in your head.

Once you have identified what has zapped your energy and led you to feel down in the dumps about your creativity, draw a plan along with a timeline to eliminate the distractions. It could be a discussion with your superior, a conversation with a colleague, or simply a rest.

Reflect on accomplishments you’re most proud of

What is your greatest achievement? What project makes you smile? Taking a walk down the memory lane of your projects and work experience is one of the best ways to give your career the boost it needs.

It always helps to find inspiration in your own self. Take three projects you are most proud of and identify what makes working on the project fulfilling and enriching. Was it exploring a new, never-tried-before design? Or, was it collaborating with stakeholders who exchange sound feedback?

Discovering more of what makes your work more rewarding will give you a gentle nudge to get back into the flow.

It always helps to find inspiration in your own self. Take three projects you are most proud of and identify what makes working on the project fulfilling and enriching.

Expand your world far beyond a single project

Have an idea that could take a project to the next level? Thinking of taking a more diversified portfolio? Want to get out of your comfort zone? Speak to your hiring manager and see if you can incorporate additional responsibilities into your routine, even if they may fall outside your job description.

When we travel down the same path every single day, it may be a bore simply because the journey is familiar. Therefore, we may want to correct our course.

Exploring rooms for growth in your career may help you to discover a new interest or talent you can leverage in your current position, leading to a springboard to a more fulfilling role. In addition to that, you will also be perceived as someone who takes initiative.

Take your skills to a new level

Ask yourself some tough questions. Is your career plan progressing at the right momentum and in the right direction? Are you truly stretching and growing your skills? Can you make a pivot that would get your career back on track?

One of the best ways to get things moving again is to always challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and pursue opportunities to develop your professional skills. For instance, a copywriter may take up a course in UI/UX writing or a graphic designer may learn illustration.

Learning new skills will not only benefit your work, but also increase your chances for a raise or a promotion. You may also add the skills to your resume and increase your marketability, should you find yourself in the job market.


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