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Create The Perfect Digital Portfolio With Your Best Creative Works

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We’ve talked about how important portfolios are to creatives before. The creative industry is incredibly cut throat and competitive, and sometimes, even a portfolio alone isn’t enough to secure you the interview. So, it’s even more important that you get the portfolio step right to give yourself the best shot.

A good quality portfolio sets you apart from everyone else instantly. But how do you curate your portfolio the right way to capture your employer’s attention and interest? This is something that most creatives actually struggle with a lot because they’re unsure which works to showcase (spoiler: they end up including everything in it which is also a no-no).

It also doesn’t help that there is no unified platform online that allows creatives to meaningfully showcase their works and they end up with a scattered online portfolio spanning across different platforms and websites, or a portfolio file so huge that it explodes in the inbox of potential clients or employers.

Cult Creative Makes It Easy For You To Digitise Your Portfolio and Show Your Best Works

We understand the struggles creatives are facing with this Portfolio Problem. The good news? We developed an app to solve this. We believe the future of creative work will be digital and collaborative; so we designed an app that not only allows you to digitise your portfolio, but also add your collaborators to share the credit and love online.

Our app users are also growing by the hundreds quickly, which means you’ll have a non-stop resource of portfolio design inspiration to check out every single day and explore how others are curating their digital portfolios!

It’s also completely FREE to upload your works and create a portfolio!

How Do You Create Your Portfolio On Cult Creative?

  1. Make sure you fill out your profile details first so everyone knows who is the amazing creative behind the works!

  2. Choose 5 of your best projects to include in your portfolio--we only allow up to 5 because we believe you should only show off your strongest stuff, we’re all about intentionality.

  3. Utilise our portfolio features such as image galleries, video links, and text boxes to really describe your processes and journey to the final product.

  4. Click ‘Publish’ and add any relevant collaborators to your project.

  5. Click ‘My Portfolio Links’ to add URL links to showcase more of your work (optional).

  6. Your portfolio is all set! Now start applying to jobs and employers will check out your portfolio for your application, no cover letter or email required!

So, what are you waiting for? Your dream portfolio awaits--upload your creative works now and be inspired by other cool portfolios on the app! Click the image above to take you to your local app store or scan the QR code here:


Bumped into us for the first time? Cult Creative is a digital platform and professional networking app for ambitious creative individuals to find work, network and showcase their work.

Are you creative looking for a thriving community to stay inspired and empowered? Or looking for opportunities to develop your career in the creative industry? Download our app today and get the full Cult Creative experience by clicking here. Or, discover more about our app by heading here.


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