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Elevate Your Skincare Routine With The Bare Skin

The Bare Skin Local Brand Skincare Malaysia
She's a beauty with brains too

We love skincare products (or any product, in general!) that are as beautiful as they are functional — and The Bare Skin definitely falls under this category. From it's minimal luxe packaging to their pastel toned potions, their products are also backed by the latest technology in the beauty industry namely, Microneedle Treatment Technology. Since their entry into the local skincare sphere in April 2019, they've been slowly expanding their products and currently have cleansers, toners, face masks and face mists in their inventory. Apart from that, the brand is committed to build a community for anyone passionate about making skincare a business.

How did The Bare Skin get its start?

The idea for The Bare Skin started back in 2018, when our Founder, Celine, encountered lots of bad experiences throughout her skincare journey. As a result, she decided to create a brand to help people facing the same problem, and of course to bring top quality products into the market.

What is The Bare Skin's brand philosophy?

We are dedicated to establishing a brand with an international brand temperament in the Malaysia skincare industry. Safety is our utmost priority in formulating, manufacturing and packaging in order to provide skincare products with the highest quality. Ultimately, we just want everyone to feel good about their choice and learn to love their own skin.

We love that you are growing out your skincare line - how do you decide on what kind of products to launch and how are they made?

Our products are all made in Taiwan and formulated in France. We plan our launch schedule according to the customers’ need. We think about what products Malaysians need the most (which includes considering our weather, humidity, diet and so on).

In your own words, can you share with us what makes The Bare Skin products special?

That they are natural, high quality and free from any harmful chemical ingredients. The Bare Skin makes your skincare routine something to look forward to every day and night because of how amazing it feels on your skin!

In your opinion, what is the most important step in a skincare routine and why?

Definitely cleansing. When your face is thoroughly cleansed well, your pores are clean and therefore will suffer less from clogged pores. This is important as clogged pores cause the rest of your skincare products you apply to be not well absorbed.

Ultimately, we just want everyone to feel good about their choice and learn to love their own skin.

How would you describe The Bare Skin's creative direction and art style? How does it reflect your brand?

Minimal and luxurious. We wanted to create a clean image for our brand to reflect our brand name: simple and straightforward; to be bold and bare. Most importantly, we want to convey the message that anyone can look decent just the way they are.

What exactly is The Bare Skin community and what does it entail?

Our community aims to build a strong platform for anyone who is passionate about skincare to start up their own business. Our mission is to inspire everyone to take action and make things happen for themselves, we hope our representatives gain something from our community and realize the importance of self-development and realize the value of life.

The secret to glowing bare skin?

Eat well, sleep well, and of course invest in good skincare products!

What is The Bare Skin's vision for 2021?

To help 10,000 new customers achieve healthy and glowing skin and to build their confidence.

As for our community, we would like to help more and more people achieve financial freedom because this is the reason our community is here for. Lastly, to work harder on our 5-year goals and ultimately be the top skincare brand in Asia.


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