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Take Workouts To The Next Level With Reactive

Reactive The Label Workout Apparel Malaysia Eco-friendly
Always wanted to post that cute post-workout mirror selfie but didn't feel cute at all? Look no further.

We know trying to look cute while burning through your third HITT circuit can be almost impossible. Key word: trying. Thankfully, Reactive has got your backs with their #WorkoutGoals apparel — with an eco-friendly twist! We talked with founders and sisters, Sara and Balqis, on how the duo plan to kick calories and climate change to the curb.

What gave you the idea to create Reactive?

It's a funny story actually; my New Year’s resolution was to be more green conscious. I spent most of last year and early this year learning about the industry and trying to change my behaviour to be more eco-friendly. I never thought I would start an activewear line but when Covid hit, I knew I needed to create another stream of revenue. After months of bouncing ideas off each other, my sister and I chose to go down the activewear route because it was something we were both passionate about. We are both fitness junkies, we love activewear and it just sort of made sense to be in the fitness industry as I am also a fitness instructor.

What would you say, in your own words, are Reactive’s unique style or selling points?

I think the biggest selling point is that we kept our price point at a super reasonable range for everyone to be able to afford it. Even though we are an eco-friendly brand, we opted not to price our products at a super high range which would then limit the rest of the market to purchase.

Even if we started with just converting 5 people into the eco friendly activewear world, that is already 5 more than there were before, and that was all I wanted to achieve.

Could you describe your brand ethos?

Reactive is a brand that aims to create awareness and start a change within the fitness industry. A small change goes a long way. Our mission is to make sure everyone is looking good WHILE doing good. It shouldn’t be either or, there should be a way to make it happen simultaneously. We want to create a very sustainable brand culture; from our growing team, to the packaging, to shipping, to our suppliers, we want to make sure everything is ethical and sustainable.

Can you tell us a bit more about what makes your clothing eco-friendly -- how do you source the materials, etc?

All our pieces are made from plastic bottles. We source it from a textile brand in America that turns plastic into different kinds of fabrics. Coincidentally, when we were looking for packaging, we found a local supplier that makes eco friendly mesh drawstring bags from plastic bottles too. So both our garments and packaging is made from plastic bottles. We are trying to reduce plastic waste with everything that we do.

Could you share what you think was the gap in the fitnesswear market?

Honestly, I knew of multiple brands around the world that were doing eco-friendly activewear. It was a huge growing market in Australia, and it had just started to open up in Asia. I work for a gym, so I see what people like to wear - what brands, what styles and what workouts they use it for. The more I researched and analysed, the more I realised that there were a small group of people buying these brands from overseas. I saw a small gap and I decided to take a risk. Even if we started with just converting 5 people into the eco friendly activewear world, that is already 5 more than there were before, and that was all I wanted to achieve.

We love the colour schemes of the garments, What were one of the main inspirations you had when creating them?

Aww thank you! My sister is obsessed with pastel colours. It was her idea to go down the pastel route and be a little different. We always see the darker tones for activewear and we saw the demand for darker tones but we thought “why not be a little different to launch.” We wanted to have a good balance of subtle and strike which is why there is a little of everything in this collection.

What do you hope to achieve with Reactive?

We hope to create more awareness within the fitness industry. We hope to be heard. We hope to set an example for the future generation that it is possible to create something beautiful while still respecting Mother Earth. We hope to reduce more plastic waste with every collection that we launch. Lastly, we hope that Reactive can be the brand that helps change the perception of spending a little extra money if it means saving the environment.

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