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Bring Your Creative Visions To Life With MoshengRen

Mosheng People Creative Design Studio Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
This creative studio does not believe in the age old phrase, "stranger danger".

Have a really cool idea but need to cross that final finish line to make it happen? Enter MoshengRen, a creative studio based in Petaling Jaya, that offers an array of creative services from video production, graphic design to photography together with their unique perspectives that make for show-stopping results.

What is the meaning of MoShengRen and how does it translate into your brand’s story?

It translates to “strangers”. We believe every interaction between two parties always starts with being strangers to each other. Every time we encounter something “new/strange" , we are learning more about the world around us, the society we are in, and also the different views that each individual has. From there, we are able to absorb different perspectives while sending out our own perspective back to the world.

How do you decide what clients you want to work with?

We prefer to work with projects that we feel passionate about.

How did you find your own unique artistic style?

For us, we got our inspiration everywhere, like anime, movies, songs, food we eat, memes we saw on the internet & many many more! Our creative output always resonates with things we love.

What was your favourite project thus far and why?

We would say it’s the “AAA” MV for NYK and Shelhiel that we collaborated with @birdycantfly and @geogiee on. It was a really fun and challenging project and we are very very happy with the final outcome. Kudos to the team!

Our creative output always resonates with things we love.

How do you make sure you’re fulfilling your client’s wishes whilst staying true to your aesthetic at the same time?

For this, communication is definitely key to avoid any creative conflicts.

What do you hope to achieve with Mosheng People?

We hope that we can put our perspective on a wider array of mediums in the future. Let’s get Mò Shēng!


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