Cross The Ankle Line with Goodpair Socks

Fashion provocateurs, these warmers are the cherry on the cake you've been looking for.

Gone are the days of no-show socks (remember when they were a thing?) — the time of scantily bare ankles are over. Now, @goodpairsocks leads the new sock movement for individuals who go above and beyond the ankle line, offering not only subtle style but also comfort with their fuzzy warmers.

We love how versatile your range of socks are — how do you come up with the designs?

We get inspiration from literally everywhere by observing ourselves and others, online or offline. Music, food, cultures, people, or simply a thought or lesson learned in life.

We then find a way to turn those ideas into graphics, followed by accumulating pixels to form said graphics on socks. Not the most fun-filled job in the world, but we enjoy it, most of the time.

What do you think is the key to a good pair of socks?

They look good, feel good, and can comfortably be worn all day long. Additionally, it would be great if the socks can carry a message that inspires people to do good, be good.

We want to create artwork that can be worn and moved around by people.

Where did it all start for Goodpair Socks?

It started from a discussion between two socks lovers, who had one too many experiences of buying expensive bad quality socks, in our apartment’s laundrette. We thought, “what if we could marry good design and good comfort into a pair of socks?” We want to create artwork that can be worn and moved around by people.

When thinking of what kind of socks we are going to make? A simple and humble thought came to mind, "a good pair of socks. This is how things happened.

What has been your favourite project thus far and why?

Our latest collection "BUMI" in collaboration with Anaabu.

The collection contains two designs, PLANT and GROW. In simpler words, the collection is about encouraging people to look more into the only planet we call home. Whatever we PLANT today, it's what will GROW in the future.

Working with Anaabu, we learned so much from our respected local brand, from their brands' sustainable fashion value to all the tips they generously share with us to run a brand.

Socks can sometimes be seen as an underrated fashion piece — how does Goodpair Socks plan on changing this notion?

From a fashion perspective, we think accessories do play an important role to complement the whole outfit. However, we put in more focus on leveling up the comfort of our socks than a general pair of socks, and treat every socks collections' design no lesser than any other "main" outfit.

Hopefully our customers match their outfit for our socks, instead of the common way to match socks with their outfit.

In your own words, can you share your brand ethos?

Little things make life wonderful.

From our learning lesson, it's the little things that makes life wonderful. Instead of hoping to get instant fame or whatever "big thing" that would cheer you up, we believe putting attention to those small little things/incident that make you happy.

And so, we hope we could be one of those "little things" in someone's life.

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