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Unique 3D Printed Products at Fabbritory

Whether it's water-repellent coasters, miniature figurines or a Darth Vader mask, Fabbritory makes it all.

Fabbritory may have only opened in 2017 but their products and craftsmanship are stuff of the future. Using state-of-the-art machinery specializing in 3D printing, Fabbritory is a one-stop design and fabrication company focusing on low-quantity prototypes and premium products for hobbyists, entrepreneurs and businesses. Apart from that, they also hold workshops and tours to educate people about the process behind creating a product from its ideation to completion.

Why the name Fabbritory?

Fabbritory is a combination of the Italian word 'fabbricare', which means fabricate, and the word 'factory'. The love for product design and fabrication all started in Italy for our co-founder.

How do you decide what projects you will carry out?

We select projects that are unique and challenging in terms of design. We want to learn something new with every project, it makes it more interesting for us at the office!

What’s one project or collaboration you worked on that you wish you could forget so you could experience it all over again?

Honestly, none. Because we select the projects we want to work on, the whole team is ready to enjoy and learn from, bad and good.

Who is the wonderful team behind Fabbritory?

Currently, our little team consists of designers Johan, Izlina, Rasyid and Afiq!

What’s one thing about 3D printing that most people aren’t aware of?

That there are many types of 3D printing and they require a lot of prep work before even printing the model.

What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

To be the leader in the product design industry and inspire others that we all can solve problems through design thinking.

What is an unexpected lesson you’ve had to overcome when managing your brand?

In order to be different and extraordinary, it requires a lot of energy not only to educate the public on what we do, what we can do but also what the public can do.


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