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The Ultimate Hair Care With FA FAA

FA FAA Local Brand Malaysia Hair Products
*dramatically flips hair*

Let it be known that haircare is tricky. Much like our skin, every one's tresses come with varying idiosyncrasies and often times, it takes a lot of experimentation to find the shampoo and conditioner duo that truly works for you (are you having flashbacks to the half-finished bottles lying around your bathroom floor?). So you could say when FA FAA recently emerged late last year with stunning visuals and formulation to boot, it came as an almost welcome relief to many of us still at war with our locks. Below, we talk to the luxe haircare brand on the secrets to a healthy mane, their unique ingredients and more.

How did the brand of FA FAA come about?

During MCO 1.0, we had a conversation — two of the partners were having issues with their sensitive scalps and discomforts due to their daily job that required them to do a lot of hair stylings. Basically, they were seeking advice on how to take care of their scalps. This led to an idea that we could make our own products since we have professional hair designers in-house.

They know what consumers want, what is best for them and also the science behind the products in the market. For example, “SLS or SLES” is a harsh chemical that could over strip your hair of its natural moisture balance. Team FA FAA believes it’s our responsibility to share this important message to our loved ones. Hence, we have decided to run this business together.

What is FA FAA's brand philosophy?

FA FAA believes doing less is more. Our products are mainly formulated with natural ingredients and all the good stuff. Our core values are to provide:

F- Fundamental ingredients (our product ingredients are primarily derived from natural sources), with the correct

A - Attitude to serve our clients, only using the

F - Freshest materials, and superior

A - Active ingredients and last but not least

A - Aesthetically striking packaging.

With so many natural haircare products in the market right now, can you share with us how FA FAA's products set themselves apart?

We are not only giving you safe products, but also elevating your lifestyle at the same time. Unlike typical industry practices, we will source the active ingredients creatively, for example: squalene, it is one of our USP (Unique Selling Points) as well as our organic mung bean and red clover sprout, which are not common in the market.

Time to spill: really, what is the secret to luscious healthy hair?

Many factors can lead to healthier hair, such as eating right, exercise frequently, using better-quality hair product and so on. But honestly, to achieve healthy hair strands, we must first take good care of our scalps. All strong structures are built on solid foundations.

Haircare is one of those things that are important yet still hard for people to get right — how does FA FAA plan to fix this?

We believe education plays an important role, we will be posting more stuff about hair care routines. on all our social media platforms very soon. Stay connected with us by following us @fafaaofficial!

We love how crisp and warm your Instagram feed is! What is FA FAA's aesthetic and creative direction?

FA FAA’s Instagram direction is a little towards the upmarket and luxe while still being minimalistic.

What do you want your customers to feel when they use your products?

FA FAA products not only nourishes the tress, but also heals the soul. Our aromatic scents are specially formulated using different therapeutic essential oils, leaving the tresses in pleasant smells which give our consumer a holistic healing after a day of hustle.

Your brand has only just recently launched (congratulations, btw!) but what are your goals for 2021?

Our goals are small but meaningful, STAY HEALTHY and STAY SAFE. We do have some exciting things in the works. But we are not ready to share this news yet. Be sure to stay tuned with us 😊


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