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Stand Out From The Crowd in Highborn's Streetwear Apparel

Born in response to a higher calling, Highborn is a local streetwear label that seeks to stand out from the crowd. Sophisticated yet simple, silent yet loud - the brand’s signature aesthetic is imbued with a sense of purpose that ushers one to embrace one’s true identity. 

Beyond the oversized tees and corduroy shirts it carries out of creative passion is a greater vision to bring like-minded people together to create a community that dreams and believes in a better world together.

When and how did the idea for Highborn come about?

It was around five years ago when I stumbled upon a clothing manufacturer that did custom fittings. At that point in time, longline tees were a thing! Albeit cliché, I've always struggled to find clothes with the right silhouette and messaging that resonated with me. Long story short, I started exploring the idea of creating my own clothing pieces!

What’s the story behind the name of the brand?

In definition, Highborn is defined as royalty; it represents an identity of value and worth. It's a very personal message to me as it's an ongoing personal journey of fully understanding and living out my worth as a person, as me. I've realised that often times what we think we're able to do is highly related to how we think of or believe of ourselves. The idea is that as we put on a Highborn clothing/product, we step into an identity and belief that we are perfectly made as who we are, and that we are made for all the great things that life has to offer.

As creators, I feel like we have a tendency to be afraid of presenting ideas that are new and different because it may not be as well received by people...

How has your brand changed (grown/evolved) since you started?

Highborn has recently shifted towards being more bold in pushing the boundaries of our product offerings as a fashion and lifestyle brand. As we were more focused on just communicating the message of our brand previously, we may have shied away from our mandate as a fashion brand to present new ideas and perspectives to the world through the garments and products we create. We’re going back to the drawing board and learning to embrace & enjoy the creative process again!

What has been the greatest challenge for you so far since starting?

Learning up business and fashion. To crunch numbers and think like a business owner, but to create with an understanding of the fashion industry and the complexity of craftsmanship that goes into making great pieces.

What’s an unexpected lesson you’ve learned from running your brand?

People are more open to new ideas than we think. As creators, I feel like we have a tendency to be afraid of presenting ideas that are new and different because it may not be as well received by people, causing lesser sales and income. But I think the true enemy here is actually ourselves.


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