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Lokal Maker - Cream On

Veron Lee's edible art are brought to life at CreamOn and are the stuff dreams are made of.

Turning your imagination into edible arts -- that is the tagline for CreamOn. And clearly they have lived up to it.

“We want to break away from the norms and usuals when it comes to food,” shares founder Veron Lee about the custom cookie and cake company. “We see ourselves as a place where you can live in the vision you’ve imagined.” From cutest Cookie Monster treats to the most precious ‘what’s in your bag’ edibles, CreamOn is here to bring your tasty visions to life.

1. What has been the best part of managing your brand?

Definitely would be seeing how the customers’, as well as our ideas come to life! It’s just mesmerising, every single time.

2. What was an unexpected hurdle you’ve had to overcome throughout your journey as a brand?

Ideas versus time. There are times when the ideas just won’t click, but at the same time we’re running against the deadline, as most of our cookies are customised to fit the customer’s request. We are very grateful that although some are completed at the very last minute, things still turned out well ;)

3. What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

To show that art comes in every form. I hope that more and more people will be exposed to, and start to appreciate, edible arts.

I am also looking forward to starting a studio where I can have workshops that focus on as well as share different forms of edible arts.

4. What is your dream party/dining situation?

I would say something from a Disney movie! Imagine that scene from Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Be Our Guest’ number, where Belle was at the dining hall with all the dancing crockeries and cutleries.

5. Share with us three local Creative Crushes that inspire you. Please share their IG handles.


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