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Be The Inspiration with AURI

Auri is a haven to inspire, to share, and to shop!

AURI (which stands for Actually, yoU aRe the Inspiration), began with the idea of crafting and providing for the community. The homegrown label is, in essence, on a mission to provide life-enriching experiences from all things fashion to well-being. Think cosy clothing you can work from home in, home fragrances that lift moods, to bath products with antibacterial and antimitotic properties.

The customer-centric brand is powered by women who share a love for great quality fashion, wellness and all things life enriching. Their motivation? To build a community that inspires and uplifts for better versions of ourselves.

What are some of the brand’s core values that you have upheld since its inception?

Our core values are community, experience and social impact. It is through our customer journey that we engage and create value - value that sets us apart as we shift from an industrial economy to a global digital one. We believe that ‘all sizes matter’, and that women deserve to look and feel good without breaking the bank.

What do you hope to achieve with your brand?

Being a community-empowered brand, we hope to provide a fun and inspirational platform where a network of like-minded individuals can share their thoughts and ideas while motivating and supporting each other.

What is your dream ‘lepak’ or get-together situation?

We want to meet the people of our community and get to know them a bit better. We had a few workshops and meet up(s) planned for the year, but had to put a pause to them due to the pandemic.

We believe that ‘all sizes matter’, and that women deserve to look and feel good without breaking the bank.

What does it mean being a lifestyle brand?

Our brand embodies minimalism in all aspects; to live a life with purpose whilst giving back a little. This is the mantra we go by and we hope to encourage this through our products and designs.

Please share with us 3 local Creative Crushes that inspire you and their IG handles!

We're currently crushing on @mukanco @enyawomen So we've partnered with them on a mini care bag which helps remind our community of the importance of their holistic wellbeing.


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