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Lokal Maker - Arkib Kopi

Founded by Mohamed Helmi bin Ahmad Darki in 2018, Arkib Kopi started out as a pilot project to learn more about coffee and hone his roasting skills. After winning several national coffee competitions and attaining his Q-grader certificate to professionally grade coffee, Helmi decided to officially launch the brand, offering specialty coffee and roasts.

Today, he continues to share his passion and knowledge on coffee whilst sourcing and roasting quality beans tailor-made to customer requests.

How did you come up with the idea for Arkib Kopi?

Arkib means archive in the Malay language. It is an idea where we compile all our work and knowledge for future generation’s reference. Through Arkib, we want to show that coffee is more than just a product. We want to showcase how by ethically consuming coffee, we can make an impact on human life. Hopefully all my works will help future generations to do better than me.

What has been the best part of managing Arkib Kopi?


I think the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur is between freedom and making a living. Managing Arkib is a blessing since I'm able to express my own personal touch in my craft. Each coffee has its own uniqueness and character. I personally choose each coffee for a certain reason. We are grateful that our customers entrust Arkib Kopi to provide them with good quality coffee beans.

I never thought to see coffee like a painting. ... I think after I saw the Picasso painting at Melbourne Museum, it totally changed the way I look at coffee.

What is one interesting fact you didn’t know about coffee until you started Arkib Kopi?

I never thought to see coffee like a painting. People always talk about the taste and quality. I think after I saw the Picasso painting at Melbourne Museum, it totally changed the way I look at coffee. Nowadays, I see coffee as a blank canvas to express my feelings. All the little details and coffee selection have their own story and reason behind them. Picasso chose painting [to express himself], but I chose coffee.

How has your love for coffee evolved over the years?

My love for coffee has never changed. The curiosity, excitement and adventure remains as a source of fuel for me to get deeper into coffee.

What was an unexpected hurdle you’ve had to overcome throughout your journey as a brand?

So far, everything has been smooth sailing. I never take any hurdle as an obstacle. Life itself is a learning process. There are always good and bad things and I love to focus on good things, because good things shine through.

What are some helpful pointers you can share with customers who are looking to explore deeper into the world of coffee?

Be curious; open to everything. Don't limit yourself to certain things. Anything can grow deeper if you have an interest - just like me, where coffee has changed my life and taken me around the world.


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