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The Ways To Inventively Harness Creative Blocks

Creative blocks are the result of an impasse in the creative process, and are no doubt a reality for many. Even some of the best writers and artists struggle with creativity now and then. People experience them for a variety of reasons. Some blockages come as a result of new work, while others arise from lack of inspiration. Creative blocks can be caused by constraints on your time, by a lack of available materials, or by other commitments.

Creative blocks manifest in different ways for different people: there's always something on the go or a project waiting for you to finish, then you're constantly spinning your wheels and can never complete something to the end.

So what is the difference between a creative block and a mental block?

Creative blocks are usually a moment of hesitation during the creative process.

Creative blocks are about an individual's ability to complete something that they've been trying to accomplish and have felt lost in the process.

A mental block is a different thing. Mental blocks can often be seen as a challenge or a drawback; these sort of blocks interrupt your thinking process and keep you from making productive decisions about your work. This is not always the case, but it does require some mental power to overcome them before anything can get done again.

What can you do when you have an artistic block?

Creative Blocks and Getting Through Them — The Things That Work

Try something new

It has been surveyed that it’s important to find creative stimulation in your daily life to keep the creativity flowing and fresh. A simple way is to try new things: trying out new things can lead to inspiration.

Do some reflecting

Some have found that the fear of failure can be crippling when it comes to creating new work. When people have trouble thinking of what to do or how to proceed on their project, it helps if they take time away. If you have nothing particular on your mind, then reflect on something from the past that made you happy or sad. Doing this may also produce some good writing or even artwork ideas.

Braindump and put pen to paper

Another great technique is braindumping. Just think about anything and everything that might be related to your creative block. Write down everything, no matter how crazy or far-fetched it seems—it might spark an idea for how to move forward with your project.

Lend yourself out to someone else

This may seem strange but a great way to get inspiration is when you take charge of something that someone else needs help with. Take care of an animal or design a logo for someone's company. Doing this sort of work can also help you build up your portfolio and body of work!

Stop for 15 minutes

There is evidence that taking your mind off the frustration can ease the creative blocks. Take a break for 15 minutes and once you come back and are ready to work, think about something else. Setting the project aside for a bit will help clear your mind and give you space for new ideas.Try doing something physical such as exercising or cleaning your desk. Do anything that forces you to stop thinking about what it is you're blocked on because as soon as the frustration goes away, then the solution usually comes to mind and presents itself.

Set a deadline

A creative block may manifest as an ‘impossibility’. The solution for this type of creative block is a deadline! You need an external force to get past this creative block- forcing yourself won't help.

Get into the space of other creatives

Allow yourself to try out many different ideas, write them down and get in contact with other people you know in order to see what they're doing creatively. Sometimes, having a scroll through Pinterest can spark inspiration, but there is also Cult Creative's app which has a newsfeed which keeps you up to date with what other creatives are up to.

Being a part of a community to share your works and be inspired by others can help ease you out of your creative slumps. If anything else, it's also a productive way to pass the time when you update your profile and link your portfolios.

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