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Multi-Talented Or "Hybrid" Creatives Are The Future. Here's How To Become One.

Creative work is changing. Never has it been more important for creatives to be more nimble in the new world of changing skills.

Enter hybrid creatives and "slashies" — where a content writer designs on the side, a photographer also dabbles in video editing, or anyone who wears the many hats required in today’s world. These creatives and “slashies” represent the next breed of creatives who are agile, adaptable, and bring skills and passion broader than any job description can fit.

The good news is, hybrid skills are what creatives need to stay competitive and future-proof their careers. Here’s how you can get started to stay relevant quickly and in demand.

Constantly brainstorm with other creatives

How often do you lean over to your neighbour at work to get their opinion? Or, call someone to ask what they think of your campaign?

Creatives do this because no two of us are alike and every person has a unique perspective of seeing something.

A copywriter approaches a brief differently than a graphic designer. A media planner isn’t going to solve a problem the same way a strategist would. Everyone in the team brings a fresh idea, a different perspective, and a unique point of view to the table. And, for hybrid creatives, they collaborate with different skill sets to connect the dots and build a creative solution to solve their client’s problems.

Try. Everything.

Gone are the old, traditional days where a monolithic advertising agency — with at least ten creatives in the meeting room (sometimes more) — works on a brief. These days, creative hybrids play in multiple sandboxes. A creative is as much a persistent salesperson as a revolutionary ideator.

Hybrid creatives see a brief as an invitation to use their skills to invent solutions. They are becoming less precious about the creative process and more critical in approaching problems in new, innovative ways we’ve never thought of before.

Upskill Where You Can

A strong desire to learn and a willingness to embrace change are the two traits that serve creative hybrids well. When looking to expand your skill set beyond your traditional area, look around you -- the internet, social media, and communities can be great sources of information.

Online learning platforms (like Coursera or General Assembly) can help you build your skill set relatively easily remotely, without taking a huge chunk of your savings or make you take a major career detour.

Another way to build skills is exposure to new projects. With the in-real-world experiences, strive to become a multifaceted specialist and learn the critical thinking skills that employers place high value today.

Do Mock Projects To Get To Where You Want

Ever hear of that saying that goes "Dress for the job you want, not the job that you have"? It's part of setting up the path to where you want to end up, from where you currently are right now.

Let's say you don't have many projects to your name as yet (maybe you're just moving into creativity from another industry...) you don't have to show that you've worked with actual clients. Try your hand at mock projects. You can collaborate with other creatives who are open to trying new things, or you can get mock briefs from these sites:

Get Ready To Fail

Hybrid creatives are not afraid of failing — it’s inevitable. It may be a small failure, like making a mistake on the client’s social media posting or a big failure, like losing a campaign they pitched for. But, it’s not the failure that will define you, it’s what you do afterwards.

Your choice as to how to respond to failure shapes you as a professional hybrid creative. Reframe failure and see it beyond a setback. By doing that, you would position yourself open to the opportunity to learn and grow from failure.

There’s a place for every kind of creative at Cult Creative!

There is no blueprint to the perfect hybrid creative, nor should there be. Hybrid creatives must adapt and evolve our approaches to creativity — critical thinking, problem-solving, and growth — unrestricted by titles.

What have you learned this week, month, and year? Communicate your ideas in a new format. If you are a writer, learn to put together a storyboard for your scripts. If you are a graphic designer, learn to animate your own storyboard.

It’s time for you to embrace the unknown, learn something new, and watch your ideas in a new breath.

On Cult Creative, engage other creatives and expand your skill set. You’re worth the paycheck.


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