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Find Them On Cult Creative: Graphic Designers Who Specialise In Branding and Packaging

Graphic design is an essential part of any design team, and the role can be rewarding if you're prepared to put in the work; graphic designers are some of the most in-demand professionals out there.

From studying design briefs and determining requirements, scheduling projects and defining budget, graphic designers also conceptualise visuals based on requirements, preparing rough drafts and presenting ideas. In addition, graphic designers usually develop illustrations, logos and other designs. But a core part of most graphic design which they teach in University is branding and packaging.

On the Cult Creative app there are hundreds of graphic designers who have already signed up and are part of the community. Here, we feature just some of the graphic designers who have proven that branding and packaging is their forte.

Colourful Graphics And Bright Packaging: Fitrie Roslan

Fitrie Roslan describes himself as a full time graphic designer by day and a freelance illustrator by night who creates cute things and we couldn't agree more! He is very much inspired by the english garden and cottage core aesthetics, which sets him apart from most graphic designers. Fitrie has had the opportunity of working with well-known brands like Nita Cosmetics, Withsoof and Alluskin.

When he's not designing adorable packaging for brands, Fitrie has an online store called Fitrie Art where he personally designs and sells stickers on Shopee.

Check out Fitrie Art!

Simple and Fun Packaging: Lyn Chong

Lyn Chong takes the word "multidisciplinary" to a whole new level. Other than being a freelance graphic artist/designer, she also dabbles in illustration, typography, murals, branding and packaging design-the list goes on.

Did we mention the part where she has 5 years of experience? She has created branding and packaging designs for the likes of OhMostWanted Cosmetics, Wok It and Spacebar. Like any great multidisciplinary, Lyn does not limit herself to work in just one industry, she makes it a point to work with all the different industries. Talk about jack of all trades!

Check out Lyn Chong's work.

Minimalistic Packaging: Kelvin Cheah

Kelvin Cheah's designs are to minimalist enthusiasts what Van Gogh paintings are to artists-they are very nice to look at. The only difference being that Kelvin specialises in graphic identity, design and visuals instead of painting. Kelvin truly believes in the power of minimalism and this shows through his designs that are clean and classy which elevate the brands that he has worked with.

He has had the opportunity of working with brands like Dome and Matter Made and is currently employed by TEN CAVE MEN as their Brand Designer.

Learn more about Kelvin Cheah.


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