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Cult Round-up: 10 Of Our Favourite Raya Gift Sets To Get Your Hands On Now

Brace yourselves, Raya is just around the corner! Soon, many of us will be able to feast to our hearts content and party to the boisterous tunes of Raya tunes. While the MCO has just been announced, nothing can stop the Eid spirit as many local brands have gone above and beyond to capture the festive magic. So whether you're treating yourself to a beautiful platter or wanting to surprise your loved ones this season, check out these unique and carefully curated Raya gift sets below.

ana tomy

As their very first Raya gift set, local stationery brand ana tomy put out all the stops with a thoughtful box filled with 6 products that range from the scrumptious to the utilitarian. The set features a Linlin+Co candle, Remedy's organic soap scrub, Kooky Cream sea salt chocolate cookies as well as ana tomy's pocket notebook, an everyday tote bag and their beautifully designed Raya packets. Check out their Raya Gift Set for a little bit of everything!


Looking for a showstopper of a gift? The event planning brand specializing in cheese platters and grazing tables, KEJU, took the traditional Raya open house to the next level! In 'A Rumah Terbuka', their gift set literally opens up to 4 different compartments stashing delectable goods such as turkish delight, basil pesto sauce, an array of berries and fruits to complete your cheese platter and even a hand sanitiser; all wrapped up in a reusable batik cloth.


Want something a little more green and healthy? Try out Oh Cha Matcha's Wellness Raya Gift Box that features products for the perfect guilt-free indulgence. The box includes the brand's best-selling Matcha bottled drinks, a scented candle, a Geranium Rose Matcha sanitizer as well as a box of Kurma dates for munching.


The ultimate fast breaking experience is here with Unbox's not one or two, but three unique food curation gift boxes under their 'JOM SERIES'. If you're looking to try something simple from this line, go for the 'JOM BALIK KAMPUNG' set that features an array of our favourite kuih-muih. Want to help out in the kitchen? Check out the 'JOM MASAK-MASAK' set which includes homemade curry pastes, spice powders, sauces and more in collaboration with Chef Sherson Lian. Finally, the 'JOM BERBUKA!' gift set is the heartiest of them all with scrumptious treats such as dates, mixed nuts, assorted nougats as well as fig jams and chili garlic to go with every meal.


Calling all sweet tooths! Fill this Raya season with even sweeter memories with Benns Ethicoa's Chocolate Bon Bons that consist of 12 unique flavours such as bandung, cendol, ondeh ondeh, pandan gula melaka, black sesame and more.


Who doesn't love a good ol' postcard? It's sentimental and nostalgic which is exactly what artist Kirin wanted to capture in her Raya Postcard Set for her brand Bunga Dan Bintang. Featuring whimsical illustrations of Ramadhan and Syawal, these postcards make for great personalised gifts that would look just as good on a wall as decoration pieces until the next Raya season too.


For the month of Ramadan this year, Wishful has curated a selection (6 to be precise!) of gift bundles to choose from in their 'Calming Reflections' series. This ranges from Aman, Syukur, Suci, Ilham, Murni, Impian and Idaman that vary in their curation of gifts. Each gift also comes with a personalised handwritten message to show appreciation for your loved ones.


In their debut Raya collection, sustainable home living brand Dapo has thoughtfully designed and curated a gift box that can be reused even after the festivities. Their Raya sets come in 4 different designs with 100% reclaimed wood, reusable glass jars and wrapped beautifully in a traditional Malay Batik fabric that can double as a decorative table dressing. Inside features 4 Raya snacks such as vegan cookies, Muruku and more.


Bring even more colour into your Raya home with Okay Kuih's indulgent kuih-muih platter that is sure to hit you in that sweet spot. From their signature Truffle Talam, Kaya Tai Tai to their popular Ang Ku kuih, there's something for everyone to munch into on the table during tea times.


Whip Collective is all about 'simple yet effective' for Raya 2021. For their Eunoia, you can get everything you need in one box such as yummy snacks, vibrantly designed Eid money packets, a greeting card, printed Pantun and more.


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